Hey what’s up guys we’re at the University of Minnesota we are here with a special guest Riley the recipient of the Apple vest for the state of Minnesota so Riley was about two weeks old when we did his sweat test and they confirmed his diagnosis then and then eventually we add on support groups online and became more aware.

Of cystic fibrosis as a whole community currently Riley’s hooked up to hoses twice a day when healthy and it’s not the funnest for a five-year-old that he can’t be out.

Doing what other five-year-olds do right now our thoughts that’s ain’t gonna be ain’t gonna be a struggle I mean put the vest on and let’s go outside you want to play catch let’s play catch the Legacy Project is highlighting people with cystic fibrosis who are creating their own legacy join us on this journey across.

All 50 states and visit our website Colton’s legacy org everybody could leave a legacy find out how you can leave yours today at Colton’s legacy.

Colton Underwood Legacy Project: Minnesota – Riley's Parents

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