Oh not a shouter I gotta clean up can’t see anything anything at all you know this is all good fun it’s great having all the regular boys out here we got Cody and Roy Howie myself and a TV I got Steve up for the run which is pretty badass this machine’s kicking ass we got Tommy you got the.

End of the stick sorry wait steve is gonna do it I’ll see ya great a hunt Steve you know what you’re showing up on every right so if you can.

Show up in every right so it ought to listen to sit all the time perfect he’s gotten so bad what the she don’t wanna let me go Pauline yeah just a falafel like he.

Brought well honey you wanna go one more around a lot Oh took a left turn and I’m not sure who’s read deal there for a second okay let’s go find some water a holy laughter – everyone yeah oh sorry girl holy the way he’s carrying on he’s gonna be editing for.

Swearwords for a month ding ring Oh you’ll never do it there’s no way that you could ever make that the bikes are capable making I reckon a quote yeah Rock master clever in that one now take five minutes ready good yeah.

You'll Never Make It (2018 Polaris Sportsman Xp1000 Highlifter)

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