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You heard of Bohemian Rhapsody this is how we talk off camera answer now comment below well you said you saw the trailer and the beaters but there’s this feature at how called becoming Freddie which I’m excited to see.

Because that’s the big appeal of this movie is Rami Malek mr.

robot right that’s the one yeah so he was in a video game that I started playing that I haven’t felt called until.
Dawn just like a horror film teen flick video game yeah.

Let’s get hitting this ball let’s do it I’ve heard this song think I know this song about wrong can you see what you could be kind of a weird-looking dude to be honest.

One of the first times I heard about this was the producer is calling me on the phone and asking if I would come to Los Angeles American the mustache.

Considering me for this role of.

Freddie Mercury was it really helps his face I think actually this is Freddie and he wasn’t just acting it was something that came naturally that’s cool are you set out to play Freddie Mercury you think how am I ever going to fill this responsibility I was very eager to take the microphone Wow Ronnie’s worked so hard any given moment he’s always practicing Freddie smooth but.

Also he’s found a real humanity to this character 50 hours of costume fittings oh my goodness me a dress as Freddie does it makes every day feel like it’s gonna be a good time like body image issues while he was shopping all these just one of the best performances I’ve seen for a very very long time Wow.

After watching that there’s one thing this movie has a shirt because from seeing the trailers I’ve had only one concern.

And this might seem like a silly concern but I think it’s kind of a leak I see the trailers it’s always these like epic.

Concert shots and so much music overlapping which gets me excited cuz I grew up on Queen I really love Queen Freddie Mercury I consider the best vocalists of all time I’m really looking forward to this but then when I watched the trailers I kind of sit back and go through a real plot here or it’s like a bunch of cool concerts yeah and I know there was like oh this whole thing is Bryan Singer directed this movie and that has a really big Fronter rightfully so and there was a whole.

Thing where like he didn’t even like finish some of the movie or.

Whatever and the cinematographer had to do it was like looking at the footage here I’m like well the movie looks great though you.

Know in that department but if there’s one thing for sure that will be great from this movie arguably is the most important thing it’s gonna be rad me Mouse.

Performance as Freddie Mercury that’s gonna be perfect just thinking about it as a performer.
If there was like fear in him and like.

Taking on this role to take on such a icon an iconic character such specific mannerisms and things about him whether or not he felt like a lot of pressure of you was like hesitate or if he was just like I can do this I’m diving right in I got.

This well it seems to me that the best actors take on roles that they truly feel challenged to role roles act terrified and there was that part in the beginning where he’s talking about how.

He’s gonna fill these shoes and I like the responsibility factor that he has here when.

You have that that weight on your shoulders as originally it was Sacha Baron Cohen who was cast he left the project and.

Now Sasha Greco probably did a good job but it would have been a little distracting it was Sasha Biko from watching the trailer footage I was.

Like oh he’s actually British I was like maybe he’s doing something a little different with his voice but that’s just.

There’s no way this guy’s American didn’t even.

Like cross my mind so hearing him here I’m like oh shit this dude’s American yeah and I love that part about how he himself said it that he made the choice to not have a choreographer chosen.

I want to have an actor really talking he wasn’t all like hey I did this I created this character buy into me and my hype and whatever like he was like look someone help me with this yeah people don’t often acknowledge that he’s like Sherman came in and.

Helped me really get into this character.

And what a fascinating job to have yeah who’s a movement coach she studied like probably all of Freddie Mercury stuff and then took that too Rami they worked on.

It together really like the little things and that’s what’s gonna make this character feel real because they got those little things that attention to detail that made me really excited yeah because they were not just talking about obviously the the signature moves that real Freddie Mercury does on stage the way he handles were throwing the mic and walks across the stage there’s like all those cool dance moves it’s like the little.

Things though of how he looks up how he uses his eyes those big attention to details make the biggest difference in any performance you do and I think especially if you’re doing a biopic role an actor has to really know the physicality and then also.

Just make it but has to internalize all this so feel yeah that’s really fascinating that he knew he was working on a court where the choreographer.

And then he made the choice I never heard of that of going oh no I need someone was different even movement coach I’ve never heard of an actor doing that before I’ve heard of actors taking on movement coaches but never making this like conscious choices like you really took on the responsibility of like how do I create this role in the best I sort of mentioned.

This before he’s talking about like all of his costumes where for.

Me I’d be like I think he’s naturally skinny okay anytime I’ve seen this guy anywhere and anything him I was like he’s a.

Really skinny dude so just seems like it worked in his favor I think that barber looked at a weird that might have been around the time when Freddie Mercury started getting he’ll yes you’re probably right I felt bad immediately after I said.

Bohemian Rhapsody | Becoming Freddie Featurette – Reaction!!!

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