TJ zerack drop the beat we’re working circumvent oh hi you’re not let’s get it poppin like a the red demon really showing us no purpose yet not as next one I’m gonna leave the world in tents I’m circumcised so that’s something you could circumvent your word is antithesis pants hitters tonight let’s do it like this okay me I.

Always hear that never miss I’m Chico’s mean I’m getting Rissa you should get the benefits I might just run off with your sister don’t you never try to diss and when they come to be.

A whack right the word is osteoporosis since.

I know I’m like we’ll get this word I’m gonna take this time to give a shout-out to my mother your word is capitulate t-ray I know you’ve been a hate working with watch me get them straight with these hit you know I can’t wait I’ll never give up.

I can’t capitulate your word is pretentious you ain’t got it what do you got that one second y’all check yo listen I got a redbone shrink them off a mint fishy beat in the kitchen cooking up the breakfast in the bedroom she love how I bless his wife.
He gets us is gonna be contentious banjo banjo the word is.

Superfluous super super wet purplish oh oh yeah I said it’s long like snuffleupagus I spoke on that perfect well you look here kind of thing.

What the hell your word is luxury ah yo check it ah Bobby light I do with those objectively I bring the milkshake that’s why they always come for me.

I always have it like a hammer that’s destructively hit everything I touch turns to gold he’s not after luxury your word is apocalyptic I want to start.

Some destruction in a city I want to drop bombs on buildings I want to start a nuclear war to be mad apocalyptic I’m on his.
Game go come on say she got too much with a Negro to get messed.

Up so she ain’t playin with y’all you want to see more wiling out clips.

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Bobby Lytes Of 'love & Hip Hop: Miami' Spits Luxury Bars | Wild 'n Out | #wnothrowback

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