All right so this is day two two right there this is a copy that I showed you guys yesterday these are all the ingredients boom I’m gonna be on camera yes you do hey hey hey I got a fishtail Oh all right so that is what the coffee looks like I already told y’all about my issues with glass.

And we’re gonna break that right.

Mmm all right so for those of you on keto and have those issues like they feel faint you having no symptoms blah blah blah I take sips of this.

That’s it cuz that’s all I can take because it’s extra salty to me so I take sips of this I’ve been drinking this for about two days now.

Whenever I’m feeling that way because I don’t want to drink no bone broth I just cannot okay so this is the coffee and this is what everybody wants to know about which is the chia pudding get into it you don’t you have this disgusting I know it.
Will but it’s so damn good now it literally is chia.

Seeds these are the ones that I buy as you can see you pour them in the bowl until the to the top with coconut milk you mix it around you clear the fridge overnight literally that’s it the only different thing.

That I have in here is stevia so I’m gonna set up the thing and I’m gonna show you how I make it because I don’t eat this.

Whole bowl cuz no ma’am no she SD pudding so again it doesn’t look the best but when I have four looks way to lose weight alright so this.

Is how I make my chia seed pudding I don’t need a lot so I just put like two heaping spoons of the pudding I’m good now I put a little bit of stevia in this one I made it I usually don’t but when you do put it in there then.
It’s a little sweet in so I can actually tolerate.

After I put that in there this is.

What I use this is the almond butter that I’m using I like this one it’s the large one this one has oil in it let me show you can y’all see how oily that is now if I wasn’t having the coffee you can also put your.

MCT oil in this you can use empty tea water in anything as long as you’re not cooking it anyway so I’m gonna do is just take I go down okay I go down dig so I can get some.

Of the oil and some of the actual peanut butter cuz there’s only like this cuz it’s separated but I need to be separated now that’s a teaspoon two teaspoons equal a tablespoon so we have a table a little bit over a tablespoon.
And one full tablespoon so if you want to be technical.

Two teaspoons of it now if you want you can put as much on my butter as you want in there you can put as much chia seed pudding as you wanted there I just choose to put uses amount because it’s just a small.

Until dinner cuz you know I usually just eat one meal a day okay so this is what we do then I take Maya Truvia because I need stuff to be.

Sweet honey we’re just gonna dump it on there and I mix this around now I told you guys I got this.

From makeup Shayla right if you watched makeup Shayla video that I linked in my last video that i talked about my weight loss update you will.

See that she put him hearts and hers sometimes i told you guys i put chocolate chips in but I’m trying to chill on the chocolate chip.

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