According to Reuters toxic red tide algae has been spotted in the waters near Miami on Thursday miami-dade officials said toxic algae blooms known as a red tide have been found off beaches near Miami the algae is a rare East Coast sighting of a phenomenon that’s more often seen in the Gulf of Mexico which can kill fish and irritate.

Humans County Mayor Carlos Gimenez said public beaches would be closed north of.

Haulover inlet an area marked by secluded green spaces of boat marina and a nude beach on a.

Barrier island about 15 miles north of downtown Miami the algae can exude toxins that irritate swimmers skin and get carried ashore by winds causing people to cough and.

Wheeze the toxins can kill shoals of fish that later wash up on the beach eating improperly harvested shellfish affected by red tide can make people sick.

Toxic 'red Tide' Algae Appears In Waters Near Miami

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