What’s up was goodish your boy zillionaire welcome to another talk show baby welcome to Sigyn entertainment make sure to subscribe to this channel and zee an entertainment TV soo now i’ve got some breaking news there’s a lot of artists being sued right now among many of them is me ghost migos is being sued for stealing a song walking.

Like our talking which was put out by a group named m OS 7 years what nine years ago M oh s back in 2009 that’s nine.

Years ago right now they’re in the courts they’re going through the process of suing me goes now when I listen to the song it sounds that the hook sounds exactly alike I’m not gonna lie it’s exactly migos took the exact hook that they had and they use it but they’re not the only one you know Drake got sued for what’s the song came out with um that farm song he.

Had stole somebody’s song that was on YouTube I think he settled out and paid them off or whatever but what I don’t like about a lot of.
These famous artists because they have a.

Bigger platform they’ll steal songs and put it out there and think of these little artists you know they’re not.

Gonna sue or they know they don’t have the firepower of the lawyers to sue them but in process they turn around it catches up with them now Nicki Minaj also stole a song from Tracy Chapman an old song.

And I’m gonna talk about that later but you know Pharrell has gotten sued just a lot of different artists have gotten sued for stealing songs just copy writing songs and they feel like they could do it because they have to platform the power.

Have the fanbase to do so and I think it’s dirty because a lot of up-and-coming artists have some.

Hot music out there and that’s their ideas you know I don’t know now I’m just stealing their ideas because you feel like you can just do it.

That’s just copyright infringement that’s plagiarism and everything else man and it’s.

Sad that a lot of big artists do this and you know you’re taking money out their pocket you know this is dirty you know the industry is a dirty game when you come out with music copyright your music and I’m saying make sure your stuff is legit copyright your brand and everything else cuz it doesn’t matter these bigger artists these bigger labels is bigger managers and writers they will.

Steal your stuff especially if it’s hot I mean Boise and they look into the story of needles.

Being sued for stealing em OS m dot o dot s song walk it like I talkin they.

Hook same exact song I’m your boy zillionaire I’m out of here you.


'migos' Is Being Sued For Stealing 'walk It Like I Talk It'

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