I want to talk about Jesus the founder of the women’s liberation movement and before I do that I do have a strategy last week or two weeks ago on Christmas I’m sorry Easter Christmas you know wait a second every day is Christmas for a Christian but I was thinking of Easter I spoke Easter Sunday evening I actually my.
Message was actually on the resurrection but of course.

As lots of preachers do I chased a rabbit and shot a couple I mean it caged them and took them.

Somewhere and I I got some really good feedback last week or a couple weeks ago from some of our ladies that were on our team and I and I.
Felt really sorry for some of the comments that I made when I was.

Talking about the empowerment of women in the me2 movement and I was trying in that message to just bring some balance and say let’s all work to create a healthy culture but in my zeal to have men and women both.

Equally responsible to create a healthy culture that we how many know you want it whatever you sow you reap I unbelievable I Q said well that’s because of the way they dress and the way they behave and that would be the furthest thing from my mind and I think that so I want to apologize I think it’s important when leaders make a mistake that they say they’re sorry I learned it a long time ago in.

Marriage men you want to have a good marriage try this men ready I try it together come on let’s do it all together and you’re watching Bible TV you can just shout it out I was wrong there we go there we go.

Right there I’m gonna start that I was wrong movement.

I’d probably need start a whole movement me wrong and now I earnestly do think that part of what we need to do as leaders is when we Mies misspoke or misspeak or when you know sometimes we are we’re on we’re on track with our.

Message but we forget who is receiving our message and and sometimes when we’re when we’re sharing with people who understand us and they understand our culture there is a there is a there is a preconceived if you will in a good way understanding of what we might be saying but but when we’re when we’re sharing with them and with the audience that much of them have never heard us before don’t know us or don’t trust.

Us it’s important for us and I’m speaking of course of myself at this point but it’s important for us to.

Remember that they don’t have context for what we’re saying and so I really did misspeak and I.

Really want to ask for forgiveness for any especially women that I may have not offended not just offended but I actually mischaracterized my feelings around.

The me to movement because to be honest and in privately and with our teams I I’ve said many times judgment began with the house of God and we saw several.

Leaders in this in the late 70s and 80s and 90s spiritual leaders being exposed for being immoral and a whole and mega church leaders were being exposed but it seemed like for a while monthly and I remember a prophetic word that it’s somebody gave I was a young man in those days.

That judgment begins with the house of God and I feel like I’m not that the church is in any way perfect the Catholic Church the Protestant.

Church any Church is perfect not that they’ll never be anyone else caught in some bad sexual scheme but I feel like the Lord is.

Now judging a nice judging I’m not talking about like judgment in the sense like sending people to hell but exposing wickedness so that he can bring holiness that’s what I mean and he’s obviously now doing that in the political realm and in business in Hollywood and media and I.
Actually feel it’s the Lord.

Think the me to movement is the Lord now how many know the enemy can always use the enemy always his if he can’t stop you then he tries to overemphasize something so I you know I want to be careful and not like corrects something.

In the place I that I that I’m not trying to I’m saying I think the me to movement the core of it the Lord is them in the middle of it that doesn’t mean that anyone should endorse every single person who ever does anything with that.

And and I really believe it’s a really good thing and I and I think that women should be protected and I think I think it’s I hope I hope I don’t get in trouble for this but I do believe it’s a that it’s part of our job as men to protect our women and I think it ought to be part of a woman’s job to protect women too so let’s be.

Clear I’ve always been a protector of women and all of my team that around me I might think I’ve hired probably the most women on I love working with women I was.

Mom of course you know my mom my father drowned when I was three and I had two stepfathers who didn’t like me so I connect well with women but my mama she she taught me to honor women I wasn’t allowed to go through a door before a woman and if you’re on my team now you know I still have this thing because I.

Remember one time my grandma when I was 15 or 16 you know a teenager and you’re not I mean you learn all these things when you’re a little but then you don’t always remember them when you when you’re you know frontal lobe isn’t working and I remember coming coming but my mom my grandmother and my sister we were all in a car together.

And when we when we stopped at home I was eager to something I was gonna do and.

I ran in the house and my mother was inside first and my grandmother was behind me and I opened the door and went through the door before my grandmother and the and the the screen door slammed on my grandmother hurt.
Or anything but I just looked up in time to see my mother’s fivefold.

Ministry she didn’t say anything she just whacked me that was back when spankings were good I was raised by them and my mother just whacked me and.

And and I knew exactly what I had done and I went outside and opened the door for my grandmother I’m in.

I grew up in a house where if there was if you if you came in the in the room and there.

Was a woman sitting in an uncomfortable chair or on the floor men got up and and asked women to sit there and I always have taught that kind of honor in our school and so I remember when my my daughter wanted to.

A date she started dating my two daughters I have two beautiful daughters by the way they’re both in full-time ministry how many know you’re in full-time ministry you may suck at it but you’re in it you know what I’m saying as.

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