They keep peeking at I don’t know how that’s gonna.

Go one second guys alright yeah well I was gonna go I put him back in his bouncer he wasn’t too happy hey I knew wait a minute here yeah there’s two dudes here inside the building I shot one twice and maybe building.

Or Toms house as the main building as.

Far as I know oh he’s not happy he’s being needy we’ll fight these two guys.

And I think I’ll leave you know I understand maybe they did.

Ship to Tom’s house but they just kick keeping out over here along the road if he’s camping the clue next got a hit something man hit something hit something gggg all right guys let’s extract they’re both over there the first ones right here just running there with the shotgun and just do work I don’t know what they were thinking like it hides in there yeah I don’t know I don’t know if they knew I was by myself that whole time or what yeah I don’t know that poor.

Guy tried chained pistol aim didn’t exactly work for him did you.

Miss a – Oliver shots oh yeah look at you sitting up so big you’re just so big shit I’m running into stuff as you guys can see the top of my son’s head right there oh you’re.

Gonna kick keys on my keyboard that’ll do well for my game show you.

How to really control your home yeah he’s getting a little bit more needy I think it’s because he’s starting to teeth– and whatnot so definitely definitely he’s gonna be a little more needy you’re sliding slippin and slidin he’s trying to stand up so he’s.

Slidin he likes the stand it’s so funny like it’s.

Favorite thing to do is to stand up yeah how the fuck is that thing still alive my god get out of your birth what are you doing are you doing situps that’s actually good spot for you to be in you need to work on.

The strength right there are you grabbing the clue keep doing I gotta I gotta show you guys this he’s like paint me like one of your french.

Just so cute you know that you’re so damn cute oh you’re trying to that’s why you’re just trying to grab my mouse so you’re laying over to get closer to my mouse I see what you’re do I see your games that wasn’t.

Me I didn’t do it I didn’t do it it wasn’t me inject him with something yeah those four guys they were not expecting me just two balls in there with that shotgun sub-tab you guys like hell when I don’t have a shotgun I’m like I’m not pushing that shit I don’t know what they have then.

When I have a shotgun I’m just like yeah Leroy Jenkins this shit they never shot at me so I don’t know if they’d never figured out where I was but I hit him twice and then they just hit it there so time poor guys that was too funny he’s just laying on.

My desk are you just happy they’re you content right there my name in be able to finish the game without content you see you’re just so cute kids are fun guys kids are fun all right so that was my last game guys I’m gonna take this little guy let me get him fed I was hoping he’d wait until my wife got home but.

I think he’s getting hungry now so I’ll just feed him now toxic spot with the shotguns great I’m glad you guys enjoy it I’m glad but uh yeah so tomorrow um it’ll be around the same time guys I don’t think I’m gonna be working too late just because it’s Friday I don’t know we’ll see.

I should be around the same kind of three o’clock starting time that usually is 3 p. mountain time but you guys that are new all my time are in mountain time throw into intermission you guys can see my.

Schedule here I forget a lot of the new people you guys don’t know my regular streaming schedule but they’re all.

Subject to change because I am a father and I do work full-time stuff happens so yeah thank you for everyone that joined us today we had some new people yeah dark we had Saint me at speed and house snacks actually help snacks yesterday we had three new falls on Twitch thank you guys so much for that I appreciate it for all.

You guys that always come in every day you talked me up and chat and all that good stuff thank you guys you make it a lot of fun for me and yeah so hopefully hopefully you guys doing and I’m hopefully tomorrow I’ll have 3.0 back up on the test servers but I really want to play it again and yeah anyhow guys hope.

You guys all have a good rest your night rest your day wherever you’re from and I’ll see you guys next time.

Hunt Showdown | Since Everyone Loves Toxic Spwn So Much (live Hunts)

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