His friend’s body give me a sec oh you’re stacked up on me oh shit.

I thought you were running to the body no that’s a different guy so game can you explain that one to me just because he was doing this in that tight little area my pellets couldn’t hit him was he ad spamming no he was he wasn’t a Dean but he was.

Left right sprinting but he literally wasn’t moving he was in the same spot just turning left and right really fast and my pellets couldn’t hit him fight game really.

But he was literally in one spot just cuz he was looking left and right really fast it’s not it makes them invincible like what the fuck that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in this game wow that is like absolute trash so basically I guess if I turn my mouse sensitivity up high and I look left to right really fast while sprinting forward I can’t be hit by anything that’s absolutely ridiculous also he took.

Two shots to the body with my shotgun and he didn’t die just stupid and I didn’t even see him bleeding I don’t know spectator but you’re right that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life I don’t know how my shots didn’t.

Hit him also two of my shots shoot a headshot the white.

Shirt guy the one on the right of that group he was standing completely still and I lined up the shots perfect and my shots disappeared I just really hoped 3.0 fixes those problems hang on dude I’ll come grab you here in a second I’m coming I’m coming to grab you hang on.

Hey there we go hi yeah what’s up Deadpool how you doing dude I’m still surprised and tell that if you look left and right really fast can’t be Haleyville might just be a combination of that plus siping difference on East who knows where they’re connecting from like I need to I didn’t really need to clip that and send that to him be like hey how come look.

Looking left or right really fast me too because my my worry is right there gonna solve the a dat spam issue in 3.

A DAT he was looking left and right really fast for running forward okay and my screen he.

Was literally staying in one spot I didn’t move at all than one spot just like he would be so his 3.0 gonna solve that issue I guess if you have high enough houses look left right at an.

Angle and solve an issue that’s the first time I’ve seen that too.

It’s probably my last game being a bus yeah no chest either guys I literally hate over here like every time we play here I get.

Definitely last game guys I’ll be right back mr. Bailey is that you yeah he’s in his playpen right now I might be at.

A slight disadvantage I’m playing with my ear cut off a little so I can hear him I should all show the ground one of our one of our cameras don’t take a minute.

That might be that I just know how long this game’s gonna go so I might do that yeah I have him in his playpen playing with stuff he’s at the age now he likes to grab things and play with them though I don’t think he’s content.

Just sitting and not being able to do anything he wants to grab and play and interact with things so he’s growing up too damn fast I’ll be right back guys you you someone’s here just planking them.

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