Maybe we should pick a spider bounty can we pick a spider bounty I uploaded the screenshot this card just click the link right here at this corner don’t you just paste the image TRADD oh my god.

This poor squirrel let’s not a video this squirrel and it has its nut stuck in between two.

Boards of a fence oh boy squirrel I didn’t do anything he’s got a couple in niche they’re copying it leak what’s that one here I got you I got you boo and yo yeah rip squirrel force world I feel like we should pick a spider bounty.

Directly but hopefully we’ll get into one I’m not even sure if there is a spider spider bounding on the u. West servers might have to change servers to find one make it because they in two pi think it’s 2.3 they changed it so that each region gets its own contract my going trick or treating no I’m pretty sure my wife’s gonna want to tote our son around you go trick or treating doesn’t make any sense to me because it’s not old enough to eat the candy anyway oh my god find a match don’t find.

A mattress soon maybe we’ll change the East or something nice got to get that free candy though.

I don’t really eat candy my – my – sweet tooth – sweet tooths that sounds weird the two things I enjoy with my sweet tooth cookies ice cream and pie three things I really like.

Pie – are you loading in some not ├Âno we’ll give this a big butt yeah pies cookies and ice cream and it’s as far as pies go I like berry pies I like apple pie peach pie I like things that are like pie basically like cobbler cobbler is basically high just crumbled up so I.

Call it something else call it jacked up high reconnect this Kurtz all staticky um estrellas yes the East is one contrast butcher I’ll go west one contract butcher did they change it back when they introduced the solo mode I guess so it used to be each region has its own contracts but I guess not anymore although to be discord for desperate Disqus he’s coming through just fine for me are you going trick-or-treating Vivian if any of you guys are going trick or treating or trusting up what do you guys.

You guys dressing up this I’m glad you enjoy the tune zona if you can find a game in East it doesn’t really seem all that.

Bad and I could’ve tried and this BF or going together what are you guys dressing ass I hope you got a games that’s definitely downside about us is you find more.

Fingers its EU people hop on us East and I don’t think they all hop on to take advantage of peeing I definitely know there are people that do that I just think it’s.

Because people that stay up late.

New servers are probably dead they’re coming to us east now to play because there’s gonna be more games he’s dead near skeleton noise that one year my wife and I did this is back when we were.

Boyfriend and girlfriend in college we did a Hercules and make you know I got a body like yeah and then uh just another year we had a Halloween party we did Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly OddParents and I’m not a dresser uh poor guys just cuz my wife really really wanted to dress.

Up and you know sometimes uh got to be nice to the wife got a pleaser get to appease her her wants and desires of me dressing.

Up in a Halloween costume you know sometimes but only sometimes affection of the water of my gun you guys see that right there look below the barrel of my gun isn’t that weird it’s always been there to you forever yeah it’s always been there I don’t know why you’re so staticky those are some great costumes I think it might be.

Your end because you come through perfectly clear for.

Me I’ve tried disconnecting reconnecting or tread water Devil clucking yep right there I see those fuckers pray hoping praying hoping praying Cammy decoy in the water that could have to go back to where he was and then I run what that miss it bit me you know anybody I’ll be now video booyah north there’s anybody over here oh it’s a spider contract sweet yeah hopefully we get the spider first hey dude Shh my son.

Stern you go back to sleep gots to nap I’m just gonna head to this resupply all you doing that happy wife happy life yeah yeah.

So yeah I don’t know Mondays in Tuesday’s my wife has a day off so she has my son but on the other days of the week when I’m streaming i streamed during his nap time which is right now obviously so sometimes he.

Stirs I got a coaxin back to sleep I think you should head up towards those gunshots probably hoping it’s not all the way it fish.

Or mail but it might so low that you call it fish it’s.

Just quick say fish he hasn’t been sleeping as well lately either I don’t like is he’s got to sleep I to sleep ticket making strong this hasn’t been touched here yes let’s come see it wake now he’s a week we have an awake baby right now let’s go let’s go like it’s scooter hi do you not know what it hey I’m running into shit is it down here is it up.

There yeah here down here yeah it’s got a pumpkin in the mouth it looks only attack it’s not any different wait it looks like there’s something orange in its mouth no.

It’s not any different that’s lame so just the butcher guys that’s the butcher this is the color down here I thought they would have done like a pumpkin but eggs how you do this nice is single bounty so we’re gonna have people coming for us pretty quick I sound like stretching to see.

The screen I’ll turn this way to see the spider you ready I’m gonna sign up to you you eat dude up five interesting stuff going on on the screen he’s trying to.

Well we know people are gonna be coming from the north there’s a bee lady guarding this entrance imma go out the other way I’m.

Here aim and hit her traps around I saw some at the other entrance there’s.

I’m gonna put this gate yeah I go trapped the hole in the wall Joe says so I’ll duking it up what kind of bad to see the screen he’s just I I’ll be right back.

Guys I’ll be right back bed typing cursed people’re by me yeah I’ll come and do it see you not on.

Your body stay right on the.

Other side the wall though three four five you got a B lady to go through over there.

I think you’re fairly well protected I’ll be able to tell if they’re here now before you get shot I put a trap on the southeast hole as well actually pretty content baby right now playing in his playpen hey they haven’t moved.

Very far they moved like ten feet killed one over there I don’t know didn’t see him might have been you yeah you got people self I there’s a trap.

On the South hole and the southeast hole so careful would you put through those broken walls remember.

Guys we’re playing toxic spawn so I gotta find a lantern there’s one behind you near the boy the busy bee lady boys I think here they say a big do you play toxic spawn so we’re burning bodies guys grab it and scan I’ll tell you where he is my 300 is he trying to pick his buddy.

Up you know I don’t know I can’t tell where he is exactly I don’t know where his buddy died I’ll treat my me and rebuy me no now here’s.

Little further than those like.

2030 meters like behind the bar me he is still 300 285 ish behind that hut which huh laughter I see em hit hit dead nice shootin what okay game I met someone at a corner that a all my bullets – alright we got people south you gotta get back to them that was oh that’s.

North yeah Northwest no one on vision no one I’m visiting yet all right you got travel free and I’m gonna watch out for enemies our core par core baby he’s in the bushes the bushes ray ray by the wall that I jumped on I’m dying about.

By the gate the red gate you’re so disappointed why are you so disappointed Vivian disappointed in me being toxic spun or that I forgot to burn body guy here and when I’m coming this to left one ones left in the bush.

Where I threw the ball top the other was on the road.

He’s pushing with shot he’s pushing with the shot he’s after me they’re both over by you – muah hey wait wait skyforge is that you skyforge Skyforge hey mister hello hello skyforge if that was you hi that sounded like you dude yeah I’m taking a peek around real quick I don’t see anyone mo in here if you.

Need it the fight had been skyforge Sentinel guys that’s bound to like him I should probably heal Soviet leader the.

Guy you killed earlier check this bush I don’t see him I really wonder if that was Skyforge.

I really just want to go into extreme right.

Now I beg you is that you that sounded like you oh.

Yeah this side this side hey wait somewhere over here I just know it yeah right there yes yes yes Joseph if you hum please other guys down all the extract yeah extract it might be yeah I got five.

Seconds left how about you three tree tribe out find people my son is just so content right now actually here people look out right now I’m gonna go grab my son okay it’s tiered he’s content in his playpen but he was in.

A different room though alright guys you.

Know the drill when I have my son like this I got to move the mic away so I’m sorry if I’m quiet or echoey your kills are.

Toxic careful of the trap dude I’ll get it for you do you want to do it’s a little scan just make sure they’re not camping this resupply do what you got to do yeah somebody blew out his diaper too though his jammies got wrecked right now he’s just in a diaper all right my dear escape nothing maybe the guys we killed herself and they came North Hardin poppers doubted her eating all blowing out his diaper I see we did something that’s not like you guy pores.

In the middle of a fight right now just YouTube couldn’t rewind hi Mitch thank you he’s in the middle of the game right.

Now listen because he’s in the middle of a game with her that guy sounded like all right how you doing dude listen to early rounds like your offline I have about hour left however mini-game power but radio for charity we.

Really like it’s not a job what are you doing now.

Hear that guys so let’s just released all right I hope you guys.

Can hear his films right now he’s a little musical drum thing I can’t hear sadly hey he’s just chilling in the back he’s excited right now cuz my dog Maya sniffing him he always gets really excited but she comes up and sniffing sniffing.

I like I like the idea of putting him in the bouncy chair more than having him pulled here because then he can play with stuff and obviously like the more kids play with things and whatnot they develop their their mind and their coordination and all that stuff and then he likes to bounce in it so this is at least allows.

Him to work on things whereas.

If I just have them in here he just sits.

Here and watches I feel I feel like a bad parent but just leaving them in here and not giving them anything to do you know what I mean you’re gonna go down to catfish you’re just gonna Stillwater catfish man catfish all the way I’m just.

Looking to see if I see anyone let that spawn no one’s moved forward from that spawn yet so there’s nowhere for them to go if anybody spawns south I’ve said that the spider didn’t have like a Halloween change yeah when I first cut in there it looked like there’s something orange in its mouth but I think there’s just lighting on its like rotting skin yeah pick the clues under the building or in the building oh let’s I think it might.

Be in and if it’s a script I know it is under I see the clue I’ll go get me I’ve not seen anyone name let’s go healing made a sound yeah I.

Heard the gunshot let’s see here you.

Work at a motor shop being a cashier nice nice making money just took a nap gotta go alright wolf have a good one thanks for stopping by and saying hi dude I appreciate it.

Catch you next time dude after the kiss deflate your buddies like I want a job that’s a way to get a job like you should ask like in a way like hey you want to make money go around these here.

Right but gots people in the server which is goood let’s grab the other Pew did you trap the flu itself yeah there another trap oh that’s locked me head over or do we want triple-check and just grab the clue well I want to grab a clue I’m just saying.

It’s locked Bay so they’re near near where a big boy run this way run got to make fun of his leeches mad you can’t see there you go hey go go get it.

Go get it nope nope you get it you get any turned around okay they’re close to us over you I see the Ducks they’re 345 just now leaving the graveyard it broke twigs right in front of me I see him what Dolch how did.

Not hit him Oh gonna get throw that cars behind us once hit he might be dead nope he’s not dead now he is he’s running for.

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