Next time I’ll get out of here see you got wasting time absolutely ridonculous game crashed.

While standing completely still all right seems legit you big you if ya think you’re in combat – there’s a zombie rat next see ya wouldn’t surprise me if the game decided to crash and kill off my level 48 hunter that’s generally when the game crashes is when I’m doing really really well yeah we.

Almost had a server wipe well I guess it wasn’t all of our kills but yeah we didn’t get three of them the only we killed three we didn’t kill three I should know he killed for because therefore kill the bowl – but I can’t pick up your bounty what a waste yeah that solo guy’s gonna get free.

Bounty next time if there’s a spider on the map we just go for it I don’t know why they killed my hunter because they know the game crashed I get a thing that asked me to submit the crash report so they know 100% that I crashed right they don’t have to detect if I’m in combat they know I crashed when the disconnect happened I don’t know why they killed my hunter that makes.

You’re ready for an invite I’m just now extracting countdown yeah and for you guys that are new you guys music sorry you.

Guys all I am a software developer and so I know the way this stuff works and so when I say they they know that the disconnect was due to a crash I can confidently tell you they know it was due to crash especially if they spin up a crash report at the end and.

Say send this crash report please that obviously means they know it crashed yet they still go through their detection to see if you’re in combat if you’re in combat kill your.

Hunter which makes no sense zero cents I’ve.

Had a few times here how’d he still doesn’t like the one time where I’d literally crash every five minutes that was the worst well.

This game have a problem if I tap out what loads I know the realty.

When he comes to punt crashing yeah I still it remains my opinion that they shouldn’t kill you’re hunter if you crash even if you alt f4 they shouldn’t kill you hunter is you get nothing from it so those guys if you don’t know.

Hunt too well if you get disconnected from the server and you’re not in combat you get to keep your hunter but they reset the hunter before the contract so everything.

You did inside the contract you don’t get so if somebody goes into a game and they’re about to die and decides I want to alt f4 so I don’t actually die they don’t get anything they get.

Reset to the beginning like where.

Before they took the hunter into that contract so they literally all they did was waste time you know they.

Spent you know between ten to forty minutes and a match and they didn’t get anything from it right so if somebody sits are constantly Ulta forced to try to save their KD ratio that’s the only thing you get to preserve is your KD ratio right they’ll never level up they’ll never earn money so why kill off the hundred from.

Cares who cares people are too scared to play in the alta or all the time I have to say you’re in a loading screen waiting for a damn match that’s hard for rip sauce I’ve on to do seed in spider.

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