Test servers back up yet there’s some issues on the test server still scary things that they have in front of back why does the bot say.

I’m new I’m not oh it’s because it’s a feature that I just enabled not too long ago and so if it hasn’t seen you before it’s going to say your name that makes sense so that’s why it thinks you’re new dude speed thank you so much for the follow man I appreciate that in st. and what’s up guys my events not triggering the participial picked up on these Falls maybe these are old Falls because I’m not sure I’m not sure how.

Stream Labs follows work I think you have to be live before it pick up the events these might be old ones that bought issam Oh picked up.

I don’t know yeah I don’t know if I can go to Twitter with the Russians yeah hey man she looks cool yeah the last hit.

Man that came out was really good it was really good I didn’t play it I watched it played it was really good ah shut up twitch hate that twitch.

Automatically starts playing a stream as you go to the homepage is there a way I can see my most recent is this I don’t think this is an order oh yeah it’s an order yeah say it Mar event row and speedin llenan they both followed me I probably followed me when I was offline maybe oh no you guys are here right.

Now I no problem so stream Labs is being dumb and not picking up on events right now I just uh follow guys for that guy’s lame let’s see if I can sign in on the web browser kind of force it to to kick those events off I had to do that before like slobs wasn’t picking up events once I signed it on the web browser I picked there they are they picked them.

Up I don’t know why it works that way but so here now I can throw your guys’s events down there we go there we go I am.

Playing just cause for by the way I did pre-order that already cuz the last just caused just custom it was so good it looked so bought and it was so cool how you could grapple and then pair that with like the wingsuit and the parachutes and just literally fly across the map non-stop dude Casey what’s up.

Dude how you doing today what time’s the stream tomorrow uh we actually have not worked at Hell yet Casey what time you wanna start your entire his time later right yeah usually stream around 10:00 p. Eastern Time right Casey that would be 8 p. my time which last time we did it we started at 7 p. which was really nice for me I don’t know how how it fared for Casey this Just Cause 3 was ok to you I just.

You moved around the map was really cool the story wasn’t the best in the world it was kind of generic but I thought the mechanics in the game were really cool I don’t buy all the latest games I’d only buy the ones I’m interested in and I like to pre-order because a.

Lot of people say stay away from pre-orders but I like to support the games that I’m excited about by pre-ordering that’s why I pre-order I even don’t really kit that’d be crossing to us I don’t even really care about like the benefits you get from pre-ordering it just comes down to wanting to support the games that I’m excited about yeah it isn’t here.

Ok yeah I would I would love to play hitman – like I said I’m just I’m decided cuz not everybody likes that game a lot of people that’s a game that you people either really love or people kind of hate art don’t love just because it requires patience time and patience where these guys that they just scared.

Yeah I thought they’d go into that hole but I’m watching the Dumbledore yeah they’re not at this hole they’re right outside still maybe are they fighting there at aside define right outside I thought they just kid that zombie and armored up there I got outside of me oh you’re outside know where these guys are did they hear us and just decide.

That’s me there’s so many approaches yeah no it’s definitely game I I like to play I just don’t know if everyone wants to watch it all right I’m getting bored let’s just go find these guys.

They might be over here cuz this grunts running towards this wagon the lady on the left here will try to guard.

Us or at least warn us are they.

The grand tiger at its head knows the ones outside to the north but I might have a go at him I don’t know why he would run to the towards the north though if I I groped him towards.

The south keep your eyes I think they heard us and.

Started creepin the creep you creep I have no idea where these guys are might be over at Cyprus just cuz.

Let’s jet so it might have been them coming this way and they said screw that let’s go Cyprus I hear cans inside the building we got the clue in there’s people there they can be there yeah what’s up good work how you doing dude actually planning on bringing.

His entire gaming computer over and setting it up nice dude you guys will be doing almost like a LAN party but it’ll be not a LAN party yeah I remember LAN parties back in the day we had to bring your whole rig over all you young uns you don’t you don’t know okay where’s the clue back you’re gonna be.

Over by it clarity grabbed it there’s two dead bodies over here really yes stacked on top of each.

Other I just heard grunts get aggro southeast fuckin Christ if we just circle each other I’m pretty sure we just circled each other yeah yeah they already grabbed the clue why am i playing so cautious right now I’m supposed to be crazy toxic spawn right now awesome story with your brother at a LAN party okay hello I remember hey though when halo.

Was good on PC my sons talking in his sleep oh my god this 12 there’s another dead body I didn’t see.

This one yeah that’s what my first oh that wasn’t me you know knows next to me sound it further and then.

That one next to you went off oh my god I’m getting bored yes let’s.

Just head to pitching oh yeah pitching pitching I just heard grunts get a groat over here on the bridge game thank you Brits poised hit dude dark thank you so much for.

The follow on twitch man I appreciate it rich boys did how many times start the fucking him I just hit this guy 40 times corruption he’s got three supply yeah give me a.

Second here I hate him Oh Albert time he’s gonna die now I think we circled each other yeah I don’t think these are the guys.

Over there that killed them and they came this way across the bridge and we went the road there and they heard us and came back I think that’s what happened so did you how’d you kill him what was the final hit Hellfire I really he ran that far before he died yeah so he was over here trying to bob and weave and I.

Hid out I only loaded five shots in and I hit him with four of them and so he gets over here in heels and then you peg him my first fire bomb landed on the front of the.

Wagon so he got block or it blocked it for him and so my second one I like pulled it back at about throw it and I see him just run out in the open and so I just chuck them hey are you doing dark are you doing original Xbox for you oh man I played the first Halo on PC and it was amazing and then the second halo they required you to upgrade to Windows Vista you guys remember the train.

Wreck that was Windows Vista oh that was terrible and then my my buddy and I he brought his xbox over well he didn’t bring it over we actually lived together for a while and while we lived together.

We played through every halo on the Xbox it was awesome we’ll go check.

By the ramp you realize there’s two med kits that were still there at the you get the clue oh you did what do you want to do you want to go to slaughter and get the butcher you want to I think we I think the server’s dead at.

This point everyone on spider sighs a good butcher side is definitely good that’s three teams dead if there’s any one spider um let’s just go slaughter I guess I didn’t go slaughter make noise see if uh whatever remaining.

Team pushes us nice you can peace out or see you okay yeah so we can either if nobody pushes us we can peace out or if they start banishing the spider we can push then Vivien what’s up how many.

Hours do I have in this game and all honesty I’m not sure because in my I think I have over 800 hours but every time I go back and look at steam it gives me a different number and sometimes it gives me a number that’s lower than the number that was there before so at one point like Steam told me I had 530 hours and like a month later I went back and looked it’s like.

You have 403 hours it’s like uh what how did.

Hundred hours in the game so I probably have about I’d say at least 40 hours.

In the Alpha when this game was in closed alpha and probably 800 hours in the early.

Access you shush dogs don’t that’ll get him or not now you did there’s a health kit over here I’m good what that missed already.

Killed everything over here all right shut up dogs so everybody did that not kill the dogs oh my god did you see the butcher did you go look at all these thoughts still alive my god there’s a tiny.

Morning and I guess that’s what it was go look at the butcher’s head now give me a second here I’ll go get a screenshot don’t kill him it’s a pumpkin oh that’s amazing when I was shooting.

And fighting amused behind the curtain so I never saw him that’s amazing oh what a surprise it looks like now out there after I kill the butcher we have to open the spider.

We have to go for the spider to look that’s amazing Philippe what’s up dude hitties screenshot now.

Oh I got a couple – I knew that there’s something weird that there’s no patch notes for the little tiny patch that’s really cool I’m glad they.

Did that that’s awesome yeah let’s just round up to a thousand yeah probably pretty close to a thousand yeah it was weird because I literally looked right and the game was like our steam was like okay you have like 530 I think.

Is 536 hours in the game and this was like three months ago okay and then.

I looked again like a month later it’s like you have four.

Hundred and six hours and then I looked again is like you have four hundred and thirtysomething hours and I looked again is like you have four hundred and five hours and like so steam I think they messed up on their analytics or whatever you just want to leave editor and go or do you want.

To get the bounty well sure we wait to see if anyone’s nearby I.

Guess you can do that I’ll just go kill shit so.

I don’t know anywhere anywhere between one and a million hours is what I have in this.

Game or somewhere in that range wait I just ignored that compact.

Analects I’m like I’m not running compact yes I am I got officetel baby it’s so quiet now that we killed almost everything yeah it’s.

Amazing how quiet this game is when you kill everything around you there’s still something southeast near the fire pit over here you lady look at me look look at me thank you Oh their shots northie there’s actually people here dude let’s just go push him closely probably Darrow or lumber.

If they’re fighting the spider we should just push him does anyone.

Expect us to come up there without bounties so there’s a team of two and was so low on this map still alive I threw two knives at you and I have.

The other one back please please please grunt face oh you dirty bastard stole my knife it’s a twig that’s a twig you’re back welcome back Kevin they stopped shooting though maybe they’re not.

Be the solo dude sneaking around this one so that one team yeah there’s five people dead at most three people left whoa West West West West well that.

House you I thought you were right behind me I was like somebody aggro’d that bee lady over there it was you know zombies yeah neither one of us needs money or the bounty so oh that’s right you’re trying to max it out so are you level 100 then and you’re just sitting at level 100 collecting money yeah yeah that you that’s not you that’s someone’s back where we were are you sure that’s.

Not you throwing party poppers I can’t.

Throw them that fast does the chain pistol or something let’s go get him then easy it’s like going in circles he’s gonna go ninja our bad maybe we should head back to the bounty I think he’s trying to ninja it right in front of me my flanks stay there see how far I can throw this I don’t know where he is a sublime trip it’s two of them no you gotta oh my god they didn’t move from that spot was Wow yeah they stacked up and didn’t move.

You know you guys shouldn’t just be on each other’s asses like that like move guys move all spiders unless you absolutely want the bounty I kinda do we’re right here or you can go start it I’ll.

Grab my own grunty well if you’re gonna grab the bounty I still want free wall hats just in case that solo stuff because we.

Heard those shots far north so I think there’s still one guy left oh my.

God Oh spawns of Kato okay that one alright mister – we started to sprint there we go that wasn’t me yeah so he’s that rage everyone everyone decided to come to us all right I’m not gonna complain about it there’s no extraction over there either so he either has to go north.

To extractor through us he wants to run away oh wait oh you mean that ranch I should look for one more case ammo.

They give this one already where’s untouched alright alright let’s go find that guy and then we have to go find the spider to see if they updated the spider dude carnival what’s up dude what is that ranch right sounded like is ranch zona what is up dude it’s been a while is that vision updated spider oh yeah.

Carnival you weren’t here they did a small update today and the butcher had a pumpkin for a head and so we want to go find the spider to see if they if.

They did a Halloween thing with the spider – I have you looked around yet just did nothing all right well let’s go find the spider and see if he finds us dressing.

Is farming you might be barman.

Here now we have so far to run but I wanted to see the spider spider maybe I can post the jack-o’-lantern butcher and discord between matches to showed yeah carnival yeah by the way.

You who are new I really need to make a command for this or something for those of you a new ID stream the three platforms YouTube twitch and mixer at the same time so if you guys see a message that comes from me but you see in brackets a name of a platform – somebody’s.

Name is actually a message that somebody else sent in the chat bot that I wrote relays that to the other platforms so somebody on YouTube says hey people on Twitch will.

Their message that makes sense you’re actually dead ok so yeah you missed the put pumpkin butcher yeah Vivian.

You did I said hi to you right maybe.

And I saw your message I feel like I said hi if I did hello Vivian it hasn’t been two hours it can rewind it real quick actually a YouTube is four hours for our diva to go back four hours I’ll do a scan once we’re across the bridge just to make sure he’s not hiding I still can’t leave those guys they stacked up on each other and they did not move they just stood out in the open I don’t think they could hear my.

Dynamite cuz I was so far away I’ve pictured well doesn’t matter thinking here and I was shooting at them you think they would have rotated oh yeah sure they were in a bad spot.

They had one piece of cover that’s what I’m saying like they chose a bad spot to push us from and then they never moved from it give me my nitrous fire give me my other knife you dick let’s go lumber that’s where we heard the shot originally.

Was lumber ish more important you don’t miss life yeah I’ll just say that first shot better not miss I was dead-on accurate hope that was potato oh sorry guys sons turn a bit did I just got me laid oh my game just crashed doesn’t matter fucking christ sorry oh that’s been the first.

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