I have to do it perfectly like I have to get the pet that I forget what it is when you go undetected and you do everything perfectly what’s the status but I’m someone I have to do.

That and sometimes that means waiting 10 15 minutes to watch a pattern and figure out the patterns that you need to figure out and then wait another 10 15 minutes for the pattern to come to fruition to execute it and a lot of people get really bored watching.

That to be honest do I still do a giveaway.

On all new games yes I have been the only one I didn’t do is life is strange too that’s cuz I forgot and so I didn’t want to do a life of strange to give away until the next episodes that I play and then I’ll do it but.

And then I’m gonna be doing a hunt showdown giveaway when 3.0 goes live are you all loaded up you ready for name but yeah when a 3.0 goes live I’ll do a giveaway for hunt showdown you have.

A PC one day man PC master-race wait hang on what servers really honor I think we’re on less most like how do you enter again the giveaway is not live yet but when it does go live the way you’ll.

Enter is just doing exclamation point enter and chat like I said it’s not live yet once once 3.0 launches I’ll open up the giveaway and you guys will be able to enter and then that’s how.

You get your first entry and after you into the first time the more you watch and participate in chat you’ll get additional entries and then yeah I’m gonna give away probably I’m gonna give away at least one copy of hunt I was thinking potentially two because between all the.

Tips I’ve got from you guys I have enough to buy a copy of it just from the tips that you guys have given the stream and so I might buy another copy out of my own pocket that way there’s two copy I don’t know yet though there’s gonna be at least one how long do they last I haven’t thought about the 3.0 giveaway yet how long I want it to go for just because it’s kind.

Of hard to gauge this game’s an endless game right the way I did the the tomb raider giveaway was that the giveaway started when the game launched and giveaway ended when I finished the game and obviously there’s no end to hunt so I haven’t really thought about how long I want the giveaway to go for if I do two copies maybe I’ll.

Do a day of giveaway and then do one that lasts for like over you some people have time to enter since I’m not a really big streamer right I don’t get a ton of people watching me it’s kind of hard to do.

A giveaway on that day and it kind of be fair just because that.

Might be a day that some of my most dedicated viewers can’t watch me and so I feel like they shouldn’t miss out just because they couldn’t watch me for one day I might do something like that or if I if I decide to do two copies that might do that where on the day of release I’ll.

Do a giveaway at the end of my stream and then do one like a week later argue one that’s open for the whole week kind of dealio not sure win 3.0 drops there’s no announcement yet they’re still working on it in the test servers they haven’t even brought the.

Hunt Showdown | Since Everyone Loves Toxic Spwn So Much (live Hunts)

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