Yo what’s up Kevin no school again and you’re gonna forget everything you knew what’s up guys and sending a message to death cricket that’s guys gonna let me try that again death crickets gonna be playing with me he’s just getting ready doing something right now but we are gonna be playing and so I went ahead in the meantime.

I had a really cheap – you’re easy I was like two hundred eighty six bucks a lot of cheap to you.

Three loaded or not so you know the good old toxic.

Spawn loadout so yeah you guys guessed it we’re gonna continue the train of talk to spawn I think I’m gonna keep playing as toxic spawn until 3.
0 comes out I think that’s gonna happen so hopefully you guys enjoy that I kind.

Of feel like my skills going downhill somebody used to using a shotgun but my aim I think my aim skills kind of going.

Back up because I am still using the Nagada officer so you know I’m working on that aim still right.

So hopefully we do well hopefully.

Does crickets you are thrown in a toxic I see I see yeah um got any other hunters.

Cuz I can actually do new recruits let’s see here those guys get a health center expensive for whatever the hell reason do culpo.

What’s up dude play RDR now is it Red Dead Redemption exclusively via PlayStation look looking it up October 26 oh I thought it was just a Playstation but I guess all must be coming out through.

The Xbox Xbox they call I hear what they call it worth play xbox games and keep beat yeah I don’t I don’t have a.

Console the hard thing about our desert I just play the first one guys it’s the first one looking on people you couldn’t play it on PC at all and I don’t have consoles and so I actually never played the first one I’ve seen like 60% of the first one played through from the rad-brad not not that not the original original one the one.

That came out before this one if you.

Guys don’t know the history Red Dead Redemption there’s actually a game before the one that everyone loves that nobody.

Liked what well hardly anybody liked and that was like the original original Red Dead Redemption which is funny because it was like it.
Was a game that was kind of ahead of its.

Terms of mechanics and all it just didn’t get much cooler and then the last Red Dead Redemption people looked out over there’s all the greatest game ever yeah and then now the hype is for Red Dead Redemption too but I’m not sure if I’m gonna play it I know that’s.

Probably what everyone’s looking to watch right now just keep the point that’s.

Kind of the problem too is if I play it I’m still not gonna get really anybody that wants.

To watch me play it because all the big streamers and big youtubers they’re all playing they have announced it for PC because they.

Want to get as many sales as possible because I know people rebuy it again on PC I think it’s just a being a GTA 5 all over again and it will be up TC just later xgt I wasn’t on PC initially kept their mouth shut for like years play hitman -.

I might I keep going back and forth on the event – cuz I love it man my only problem playing those games is man they take forever sometimes like sometimes you have to sit and wait for like 10 minutes if you want to I have someone if I play.

Hunt Showdown | Since Everyone Loves Toxic Spwn So Much (live Hunts)

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