You can see and I want it to decorate through but when I got home I can see that it is fun to use in my hair no way am I going to use that in my hair so yeah I am good so this is going up.

On my wall also it was my home and I got a little present today from my knees my smallest knees I’ll let them know she’s so not 11 she’s 30 and sorted sorry so either it’s a glittery find please collect any polish from hmm yeah it’s really nice.

Holographic I like them or iridescent I’m not sure and she bought it because he like the cat is sweet thank you thank you for watching there’s no way this was a big one but oh please stay in there hang in there I’m going to.

Show you them the plate I’m going to show you the plate I’m going to test it out I’m so excited maybe more than.

You guys so I see you soon bye bye for now bye bye.

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