So this was my whole frontier and I just wanted to quickly show you some of the walls that I’ve done from eBay and yeah so I bought some rhinestones they were wrapped in this really pretty paper you get from when it says coffee for a coffee or something that’s what’s inside so this is three point two millimeters or.
SS twelve and this is a six this is two millimeter this is eight and that’s.

Two point six I should have bought a bigger one also but I really wanted a small one because that’s the one I use a lot this is SS for 1.2 so happy about that’s a small one but I really want this one I could see that now that we really want you want it 4 mm or so but it took so long I believe I waited five weeks for these so I’m going.

To put all the links down the middle as you can see here they’re almost there what it’s more suitable there or has something behind I just love them it was so great and then we had these they are so tiny and they.

Are so cool and oh I just love them diamond this is the back of them can you see I did not know that when I bought them they have Swarovski probably 5 mm real diamond shaped inside you can see that you get this really shiny thing starting to get the cold so they are.

Kind of small and I really love them no it’s not me all of these four was really great what do you call that they are really taken to effort to go the.
Really beautiful I just have to show you they had someone there sold it in.

Packs of five so I had to buy to have to get them I have.

Been dying to use them and as I said they didn’t have they had the gold but I didn’t have the clear stone they the black stone but that’s okay yes I.

Actually tried them on my my just fine.

Had before and even though this even though it was really busy the black one was actually quite nice so you can see on this just assign black one is actually quite nice and then.

You have a brown now a skeptic about.

I like that it fits really well when you have older nails so I am happy they were not that expensive so and surprise surprise I.

Was at the dentist yesterday and then I have to have to walk through the only store in the town that sell.

Or or my craft store this is my only craft store in the whole town it’s so that founders this is the plain ones but I was just going to click and put them in my cart on the born pretty store but hey I found them and some inmates.

Your color is brown them black fish and I pick it up is really scraped up but it’s tinsel combined with the flakes and shreds and mylar it’s really funny glitter it’s really expensive but it’s funny so I what it and this one is there a little bit bigger greener than the fine.

Fine fine one so yeah and at the same shop of course they have divided the shopping to so now they sell clothing and yeah thing to the house I just had to have it in my new room it is so beautiful this bathroom so beautiful I.

Don’t know if I know I can’t get that done yes it is and I also bought one more thing I just want to show you.

I just said just forget all.

Right put it on a stringer but let me show you I thought it was a cute hat and I just had to buy small small hats as.

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