Eat drink poppies stylin pod this play includes so many accessories and once we’ve had it open we can see how poppy loves to prep and pamper like a princess in her pod so stay tuned Tic Tac toy fans because we’re gonna start styling with a flare well this is one snazzy styling pod you have your poppy and you’re.

Just in time because I’m getting ready for my big celebration I have so much to do I just don’t know where to begin poppy I think I know who you need and those who don’t know it’s a.

Tension you are so fashionable in case you didn’t notice we’re twins conjoined twins connected bear because patrol here and they know everything fashion related from Couture runway styles to the latest fashions were your girls all right troll twinsies let’s get to work and.

The first item of business is.

My hair will poppy I just love that bubblegum shade of hair and you’re rockin right now it is so hot now but let’s get to styling it great I just washed it let me grab the blow-dryer keep it right back here I have to say with all this.

Hair this shirts gonna take a long time to dry which is why we need to move you to the big dryer poppy great idea this should be much quicker and now you can relax.
And read a magazine while your hair dries where do you keep them.

Right by the hairdryer ah I see them let me grab you one hmm too many choices which one do I choose I think I’ll go with this one great and while you’re here.

Try we’ll go check out your hair accessories okay I keep everything right behind me in my vanity hmm let’s see what all we have to work with here you’ve got a great collection of hair accessories in this drawer I love the pink and yellow floral pieces they are darling favorite these 2p you’re right satin but it wouldn’t hurt to.

Try them all on thinkin well twinsies I think my hairs all dry somebody coming out of here great let’s start brushing her hair first puppies your hair has shirt gluten poppy look at how tall.

It’s getting wait thank you in is getting quite tall shall we try some of my.

Accessories new absolutely that you really pumps in your pink hair I love the floral image but I just don’t think there’s enough contrast there hey boy I just love that shade of teal.

It matches my hair after all oh and the orange butterfly is a nice option too oh how.

Will I ever decide oh I nearly forgot to have some wiggler over here too what do you think of.

These let’s give them a shot all right I’ll get this one first well what do you think well it is ultra stylish but I don’t think it’s quite the look you’re going for for your celebration you’re probably right satin snail let’s try the other one let’s just get this off of the stand and this one’s tough to get off I remember oh well what do you think I do love it it matches your outfit.

Perfectly it does doesn’t it that’s the one hmm well I think I have one more option back here if this floral headband hiding back here here we go look.

For you oh let him let me figure that out now let’s check out what you have hiding behind your mirror that we can use to accessorize as well what is all this it’s my toothbrush Coleman perfume beer now that you saw those I think I’m about ready we just need to add a little.

Trolls Poppy's Stylin' Pod Toy Unboxing New Dreamworks Movie 2018

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