What’s up guys hit the like button right now for fortnight Galaxy bundled back a bling pickaxe and glider it just got released I’ll be teaching you guys exactly step by step how to actually get the fortnight galaxy bundle which includes the brand-new galactic disc back bling these stellar acts as well as the discovery like glider so of course.
Already know the fortnight galaxy’s skin got released a few I guess.

Of insane actually they got released a long time ago but today it actually came about that the actual fortnight galaxy back bling pickaxe and glider just got released in this far the coolest thing.

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Notifications and yeah so thank you guys so as I mentioned before today I want to teach you guys step-by-step how to actually go ahead and get the fortnight Galaxy pickaxe back bling as well as the glider for free if of course you guys already have the galaxy skin huge huge huge huge props for you guys because you guys can actually enjoy the.

Brand galaxy backplane glider as well as the pickaxe for.

Free you notice I do anything else which is pretty insane which we’ll.

Be talking about later on so there was actually quite a lot of confusion on how to actually get it people thought would be a lot harder than it actually is to get the galaxy backplane glider and pickaxe but of course today I want to.

Talk to you guys exactly like I guess people were actually like Sam stone was literally lying to their customers which is not cool of course and epic games of course was the hero and they told you exactly like the straight facts so today I want to talk to you guys about what.

Is the actual real process of getting the brand-new glider pickaxe and back pointing that of course.

Resembled be like galaxy skin of course it’s like a galaxy back playing glider and like I said before if you guys already have the like the galaxy skin it’s 100% free you don’t have to do anything else you.

Don’t have to go ahead and buy another phone or buy another tablet or you don’t have to like go ahead and redeem anything that of course took forever and ever and ever it automatically shows up on your account of course if you guys have the galaxy skin already it might not show up right away what they’re actually doing is they’re doing it in waves so I guess like every hour they.

New set of bundles for new fortnight customers one thing for certain though is that if you guys don’t have it already if you guys already have the galaxy skin be patient I’ve been getting the a lots of messages over the last few hours of a lot of you guys been saying that maybe you guys don’t necessarily own your own.

Personal fortnight I guess like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the tab s4 and you might have used a relative’s device or your cousin’s device or maybe you’re a next-door neighbor our friend from schools device that doesn’t play fortnight and you actually went ahead logged on to their account or log on to their like device play.

Three games got the galaxy skin of course and then you guys.

Went ahead and you guys got the skin like you.

Said for well guys one thing I first learned which was kind of sketchy and not really right for Samsung to do.

It well Samson made some statements in a lot of like support chat.

Stating that you actually had to go ahead and log on to the same device that you played the three games on Oh obviously if you guys used maybe you’re like I don’t know your parents or your guardians or your grandparents or your cousins like phone or tablet I mean it might be kind of difficult for you to get back on it of course and play fortnight on it again maybe for some.

Odd reason they’re like really far away they live far away from you or something like that well fear not.

Dies because if you guys already played fortnight on the tab s4 or on the note nine and he has have the galaxy skin you’re automatically going to be getting the new.

Bundle for free so don’t worry guys like you don’t have to worry about that I know well I’m one.

Of my actual subscribers was actually a really.

Worried because the person that he actually got the the case the galaxy skin from like he actually lives like pretty far away from of them they’re like really good friends though but he doesn’t play fortnight and so he visited him like one weekend played on his phone and then got the skin of course well.

That’s not the case like you guys don’t have to go travel really far to your distant.

Relative that had the note nine or the tab as for you can actually just redeem it by yourself it literally just pops up on your account within waves I know for certain like Hezekiah’s has known me.

I made many many many videos on the galaxy before and I purchased the note 9 myself and.

I actually have the tab as for and as well as some of the devices to so you guys already know me like I already have a ton of galaxy skins and I think two of them already have the back bling and the pickaxe and the glider and then my third one I’m still waiting that’s like a different.

Wave will actually happen because I redeemed the actually like I played it like a few days after the initial launch of the note 9 so when the note 9 got released of course you guys already know I made a video on that and I mean I got the skin within like a few hours after the actual release so I.

Actually played with the galaxy secure I actually got the galaxy skin on another 49 account a few days after it actually got released and I still have yet to get that on there so I’m not kinda I mean I’m really not worried at all I know it’s gonna come eventually but just hold.

On and wait but anyways though let me know down in the comments like your opinions on the galaxy bundled yes think that the new bundle is pretty cool personally I think like the pickaxe is probably the coolest pickaxe in the game the glider is pretty.

Cool too the back fling is awesome but to be honest I think there’s some better back leg let’s be your honest here guys but regardless though the Galaxy scan remains.

One of my all-time favorite fortnight skins let me know guys in the comments section if you guys agree do you guys think that the fortnight galaxy skin is.

Still one of the coolest and rarest and obviously the most expensive skin in the game.

I’m really very very curious to hear your opinions down below but also to guys you have to remember I mean at the end of the day it’s just a cosmetic item it’s not gonna make or break you guys it’s not gonna make you a.

Better player and I guess any circumstance it’s gonna make you actually a worse player because you really do stand out like when you’re really far away you can see these Galaxy skins from quite some distance and if you’re.

Trying to be stealthy and hide well the galaxy scan isn’t really.

That skin to keep you guys very tactically I guess safe so anyways though that’s kinda just my own two cents about the galaxy skin I’m very curious like a semaphore do.

You guys think it’s a cool skin do you guys think that I mean you are still interested in getting the skin if you guys are Kampala yes or no if you guys think the galaxy skin is worth Gideon of course but anyways.

Though my name is true Tris I hope you guys have an awesome fantastic day until next time stay true peace out and I almost forgot guys I know a lot of you guys been asking me about my fort night clan well actually I got some really good news for you guys I’m gonna be having some awesome awesome awesome introductions the first wave of.

People that actually got invited to.

My clan is going out within the next.

Few days so of course if you guys have been active on my channel and you guys of course.

Been sending me some awesome like either clips or builds things you guys have been making on fortnight I’ve been taking a lot of notes and I really do appreciate everyone that’s been supporting my channel and that have.

Been wanting to join my fort night clan so if of course you guys are still watching this video and they’re interested in joining the Klan either say yes clan or no clan just so I know you guys are either interested.

Or not interested in my fort night clan so as I’m gonna for like you don’t have to be like super super good I’m gonna recurring like a.

Really competitive good team but I’m also looking to actually recruit some like good builders some funny people from mini-games maybe some like art or graphics people or just straight-up like chill people you know like I’m not really like super duper strict I want to have a.

Way I can include everyone whether if you guys are really good at four-night you guys can find other good people to play for a night with or maybe you.

Guys don’t like to play competitive.

For night I’m gonna try to find some awesome clan members for you guys to play with too so anyways though I am overall really excited to see the future of my fort night clan.

Where it’s gonna be headed and honestly guys if you guys want to show some support for me with this clan.

Go ahead and let me know in the comment section also to.

Remember guys hit that like button every life means a lot to me shows the support.

To my channel and we’ll catch you guys hit another video sometime very very soon until next time my name is true trees have a great day guys peace out.

How To Unlock The Free Fortnite Galaxy Skin Bundle That Released

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