Showing you something from the designer cat in Kirkwood for those of you who know Kathleen she’s always about give me fashion that has a little trick too and it fixes a situation she’s a was a model and then turned into this fashion designer and you can come on Atmos toy toy is part of the brand she’s an author.

A style expert and part of the Kathleen Kirkwood team she’s going to show you this newest ik Tracy’s item that’s done to look like a chambray on the top part and then in.

A shirttail meanwhile the middle you’re disguising under other tops is slimming you and.

Trimming you and keeping everything into place without some kind of bulge yes you look super cute oh and here so I can do a better job yes the collar yes here’s what ins here’s the shirttail if you want length and smoothing although they you get all of this to wear under your Blazers and jackets and zippy and button B.

Carter yeah and we do a little bomber sweater little dude and what are these shoes Oh we’ll talk about that later probably thank you thank you we got a good shot of that all right so let me go.

Over all the options there are four what you see on my model over here aka the mannequin is the one it’s white right alright so there’s your white look we call it white denim there’s a gray look we call that one gray denim then there’s two blues this is the lighter one we call it light denim it’s a very traditional chambray color and then here’s one that we call.
Dark denim and it’s what we.

Could also call like dark chambray in the world of fashion and this one is getting a little bit more limited its 3768 there’s two easy payments of 1884 and we just launched this just a few weeks ago and five thousand orders of more easily it.

It’s it’s very artful that it just makes your wardrobe last and that’s what we.

All want right you want to be able to update your new cardigans the new bomber jackets a teddy bear coats all of the things for all.
The seasons this is a great way to do it and so.

You have the traditional you know kind of like a Dickey but the Dickies insert which is 80% cotton and then you have or the shirttail and the this is cotton and then you have this luxurious luxurious spandex that’s going to be so soft against the skin Namie said that you don’t feel like a stuffed sausage.

You know how sometimes you get home you cannot wait to just go your things off if you don’t have that with the things you know all of it under there and you can’t wait to get them off and you don’t have that with this and my favorite part it’s just the shirttail which is again 100% cotton and I love that it.

Just covers the bottom you know you just.

Like the less you know so if you’re interested in buying it the things that you don’t want to do with it like you wouldn’t want to put it under an open front cardigan the way I have Noi’s then.

You would see this part that’s slimming.

You what you do want to do is put it under jackets that zip jacket step button cardigans that zip cardigans that button or like Jackie showed you other shirts that don’t have.

The length that we want and that may be to the wall Jackie and as Jack if you were in a normal traditional button style shirt first of all see how the buttons if you do see them you just see them right here otherwise you would see them.

All in the stomach area that’s like is that my belly button is right weird and then this just stays perfect so it gives you extra coverage and extra length whereas if this is a traditional button-down shirt I’m willing to bet it’s the same length as this pretty pink coral shirt and it wouldn’t poke out at all and then it would start to bunch up and not stay trim and look at your belly look big there’s no.

Extra puff right here on her arms.

Is not adding a size and there’s so many of us who just really like our.

Arms I know we’re all you know and then I have this moving right it just like I love it and even.

Though it’s not designed to wear on its own Kathleen did such a great job with the spandex portion of it that it is.

The same color so if somebody did see it it’s not that big of a deal it’s beautiful inside and out but the length and I even have it on with like the mineus of skirts and it’s still modest enough that I can wear this out and not.

The mineus I’ve seen girls with well mini for me too I do want to join me to show everybody all four colors yes alright.

So make your decision now again it just debuted and so many orders have been placed because there’s a little trick and I’ll tell you what with picture season upon us where we’re gonna do more family photos do you want to be wrinkly and puffy what is underneath that sweater or trim and slim and you know and you.

Can say hashtag no filter I do not have to.

Make me thinner because I am very sleepy I get all this filter thing I don’t have anything you don’t want to eat I just want to see what it.

Does to evaluator so this is the lighter one we.

Call this one like denim yeah and then we call this one the dark denim brand that’s the one that I’m wearing okay then you have a gray we call this one gray denim I think that like yeah and it’s you’re like damn.

The iconic white right from from all the way from all the silver swinging actors to today you never can do without a white shirt yeah seriously you look fierce oh if you want with a medium now we got you fo if I can afford.

Them yeah was this horrible it is oh I splurged enough for the year I’m only saving from this you can do this thank you to me how many great to see you okay I’m speaking of not splurging here we go how did I get a big.

Kathleen Kirkwood Dictra-ease Chambray Shirttail Top On Qvc

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