And they have something to make my nails a little bit more fancy so I have to stamping plates and the first one was of course highly recommended on my.

Little group and it’s so cute.

It comes in this little like cardboard sash it and look baby and you just slide it out and it looks like this and it has a little like cool designs on it it has a little seashell and then like this starfish I guess and then some like two flowers and then like random stuff here the packaging is so adorable and if you ordered more even like pop it in the little box and just like you know look through them that’s.

Adorable I’m just saying and it’s from this brand called born pretty and it was highly recommended on my low.

This other one I don’t remember the brand I didn’t think it’s like I know Brian or something but it was just pretty it has like a ballerina dancer with like an Eiffel Tower tower to.

Top and then like ha like all other princesses and like so cool lace designs on it as well and like some girl on a bicycle and just remind them bra why not why don’t have.

A bra on your nails though but yeah it’s really pretty and I’m still waiting to use it so what do you really tell you but I was trying to do it like with just regular.

Polishes and stuff and they work pretty well I’m sounding like a papers hook and then and they.

Have the last things from my little box of chargers.

I don’t know I have this pink jelly stuff Burton’s actually up to UK’s temper so you can see when.

Where you’re applying with the Samsung stuff and it’s so squishy and like don’t like to talk five nine years and then we have this plastic scraper also pink because when you like apply a nail polish like great like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life but yeah so so yeah this is all I got from my little Aliexpress well not.

All I got but all that came to me.

Until now I’m still waiting for like 30 packages become so yeah that is it for.

Today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys are not mad for me for making this weird video but um yeah that is it birthdays for you and that’s easy.

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