A raspberry pink color not really you know bold nice red but I’m not mad at it it’s kind of similar to this one which is a different brand um but yeah I really like it this color has a really great coverage and looks really pretty I’m just kind you know not.

Really satisfied that it’s not red like we wanted this you know classic bold red and then the purple one is this one and it’s pretty it has a pretty great conference too on this thing I have like two coats of each polish so here we have the two coats of that and that’s enough even with one coat with it and then I have two coats of this one.

You can also go just with one coats like coat cuz it’s like a pastel colors so yeah I have to Go’s on my mails and it looks really pretty but then.

With a sheer color you can’t really see that on this you know this thing because it’s white.

So it’s like a base color it different thing but on my nails I have like four coats and still kind of see-through so but so for the price I’ll.

Go with it I’m probably going to use this green color like color underneath this.

One next time but we’ll see how it goes and they are from the brand bling gel and.

It’s soak off gel polish and it’s supposed to have six milliliters but I know but the bottles are pretty much cool when I got them could.

I always check but then I have this thing which is which was highly recommended in my little Facebook group and it’s the IBD strong builder gel in clear so.

It’s basically this not good in this big big container it’s like 56 grams off to your child let me show you this is not too much.

Of my lot can’t like harden it or something so you can’t see this but it looks like this it was of course sealed with a silver thingy the smell is not really.

Bad like just a smell gel and it was highly recommended supposedly it’s like a really nice brand so this thing was.
A little bit more expensive than the other.

Was like three dollars or something and the nail polishes wear like a dollar each so I mean how it yes then I ordered this little penguin just so random so basically this thing is like a cuticle cutter thingy and right now I don’t know really why I ordered it since item cut out my own cuticles and I can’t really do that to other people with it.

Like using this because it’s unsanitary and basically not legal like to use it on different people since I don’t have the thing to like really cream the tools like high pressure and stuff like that so maybe I’ll used for myself art or give it to someone I don’t know I probably got to try using it on myself even though I don’t really cut out of my cuticles I just push them away so speaking of pushing away my cuticles I also ordered these little wooden sticks and I think they’re orange sticks orange.

Or something so they were supposed to be like a hundred pieces for whatever the price.

Loss everything’s gonna be linked below but unfortunately and I know that’s gonna sound stupid but when I ordered 100 pieces I expect 100 pieces and they are.

Like so but it’s okay still pretty good deal with all this much for special price.

I don’t remember how much they wear if I leave them below.

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