Hello everyone welcome back to my channel so before I start I just wanted to say hello to my biggest fan disco cats me and I’m really sorry for not uploading my video on time but I just couldn’t make it and you know what this flavor let’s just move on today’s video is going to be a little bit too.

Weird because it’s not something I usually do in this channel and I hope you guys don’t get mad but today I’m gonna show you a little Aliexpress home today.

Show you something that I’ve been really into and I’ve been really excited about some accessories for nail art not especially like normal usual nail art but like gel nails and stuff like that and gel.

Polishes they’re really really expensive and I found this amazing amazing stuff for so cheap.

So yeah let’s just move on and show you so I have like a billion colors still coming to me and like nail artists often like.

Really fun accessories and all but I just have a few things that I would like to show you right now because I’ve been just so excited about it so first of all let me show you my nails they look like this I’m still learning so don’t judge I just have these two colors and they’re both from Aliexpress this one which is the green one looks bad but the green color is like a nice shimmery a cool green with like little shimmery I know.
Reading pieces inside of it I’m all had accomplished that’s what I say in.

Like every video because I’m just too lazy to look up stuff sorry yeah but this color is pretty sheer so I would used like next time I’m going to use probably like huh a different color under it like up just a green one and then put this on top because it’s really sheer and see-through and yeah not the.

Best thing ever but it still works for you also hell yeah.

So yeah let’s just start with the stuff I got so the first thing is this which is like um so this thing.

That you just swatch our collars on I guess yeah it’s just kind of I have to open one of them I got for my sister for Christmas and then I bought the other one because the first one is already full but not of like colors.

Like me trying out different patterns and like different effects and stuff so I.

Decided this one is going to be just the.

Colors and this is kind of here you can see what colors I already have in my collection and I have a lot of them still coming and the shipping cost and that we express its kind of the kind.

Wait like two to three weeks sometimes see for a few months for the.

Package to come to you but you see you can get around two to four weeks I guess and yeah I’m really excited for this thing and I overall flow and I already ordered some boards so so then I have semi colors and I only have three colors from Aliexpress right now but as I said I have a lot of them coming so I have the purple one which I currently wearing on my nails and then this green one which which I’m also wearing on my nails.

And then I have this one which is supposed to be a red color but let me show you how to lift on just swatch it’s this color and it looks kind of a pinkish like.

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