Hello and welcome to the Janus YouTube channel today I’m going to talk about ladies clothing and in particular a ladies kit out I got the Frank Thomas ft 36 SV helmet which stands for Sun Visor and as you can see if I just use that it’s got a little internal some very which is UV protected and you’ve got.

The clear visor which has got a wide peripheral vision here for better viewing you’ve obviously got the.

But obviously there’s in difficult ways as.

Version there’s Mac versions as well as glass this.

Is gloss cherry blossom pink and you’ve got the you can see it from here but there’s a ratchet system here so a micro ratchet system attention sister obviously full ventilation system now in there and right through to the back and then a bit of a spoiler at the back or don’t wanna put it to watch might make her a bit decapitate it there but not in real life so I don’t even see the actual spoiler there making it a bit more aerodynamic.

And therefore lightweight and also I’ve just taken a header ok it’s back on don’t worry ok so now we’ve got the BK Chelsea jacket now this jacket has been an absolute bestseller for other day that’s this is perforated here as you can see but also the main thing that the.

Women like the women like is the waist here if you can see you can actually make the size diff different variable size if I need to make it in or out but obviously when you sucked on the bank that’s actually really handy positioning for you because it just means that you can be.

A little more comfortable but then obviously off the bag a bit more fashionable and if you look here there’s actually some paneling here some stretch paneling which again if you’ve had a big roast dinner or something about a bacon butty of the morning that’s always a good.
Way as well to to help you feel.

Comfortable on the bike got.

A few little pockets here ok so if we open it now she’s got a little bit of velcro there just to keep up there a bit and stylish PPS flap there so let’s just open it up now before you know it’s all YKK zips as well throughout your quality series it’s there.

Actually is actually not leather but it says waterproof and textile storm cover here and just please stop the wind from getting through the zip but actually you know it.

Really is quite protective and okay so if you look inside there you’ve obviously got that ppk/s detailing.

And then you’ve also got some pockets inside as well just always.

Very handy but you’ve got a removable quilted liner so you can use this for all seasons which is also fantastic but also we’ve got a lot of ladies because obviously.

That I don’t you can see there you can take this actual if this lining out the Aaronic comes out and it also comes out in the elbows as well so this can actually be used as a casual jacket as.

Well which a lot of our customers do because obviously it’s not the most typical looking motorcycle jacket because they’ve obviously the belt and also just a bit longer so it’s a bit more of a fashionable styling and it’s got if.

You see its back to turn sorry Jess let’s turn you around it’s got the elasticated bit there as well which again just a bit more movement when you’re on the bank or off the bike and then.

Again just a bit longer at the back so when you sat on the back especially if you’re a pillion not necessarily if you’re if you’re a rider but if you’re appealing especially wind at the back can be a.

Real problem and so this is just a bit longer just to make sure there’s no drafts no-one welcome drafts coming through and the access Lauryn t-shirt underneath there next Iron Man TT shirt not protective but rather lovely okay and then we’ve got the BK s roxy.

Trousers now these are best selling item for ladies by far I’m just gonna pair that so the PJs roxy trousers they are quite stretchy obviously it doesn’t really go across on camera and but they really are they feel lovely and they we’ve had a lot of customers love in these because they’re just so what comfortable but the.

Other thing they are is protective now what all this is our.

Amid fiber so this lines the.

Whole of the trouser and that’s a whole layer of protection as well as you see you prove Dharma so you’ve got the pockets there the other thing is you can take these out really easily just very.

Quickly and easily just with a little pocket there so basically you can be walking around all day take these out put it on the back in the panniers and then just put them back on when you want to go on and we have a lot of customers who do that they’ve got viously got the belt loops as well obviously the really.

Subtle reflective detailing so you can’t even see you’ve got it on in the day but at night when you want it to be seen it’s seen and obviously you’ve got the stretch accordion as well and the fashionable skinny styling which also goes into boots which is always a little lock you also get the hip hop which comes.

In a little separate pocket okay so now on to boots these are the Frank Thomas Isabella boots these are again our best-selling boots for women they’ve got a heel as you can see but obviously I don’t think this translates into camera either but they’ve actually got a really Ricci soul auntie slip sole so even though it has got heel it’s not too high and obviously you’ve got all the.

Support in there as well okay so they’ve got the zip they’ve got.

YKK zips as well so it’s good quality zips opens right down there to make it easier to get on and.

Also opens this side as well so making it when you’ve got letters on so however what easy to get it on like that and obviously it’s got this to stop the chill getting through as well a big material there as well oh.

Yeah they’ve also got a waterproof membrane making these wonder percent waterproof for you which no one wants wet feet okay and then reflective detail it sort or reflective detailing during the day wouldn’t really look at it during night.

Visibility there and then you’ve got the stretch here freezing movement on the back and off and we also sold off to these I think because a lot of work customers have told me they’d wear them off the bike as well as there as on the bike so when you’re out for the day or something these boots do a lot well and they go very well with the Roxy jeans I’ve just shown yet and for a big smart outfit so there we go and now on to the best selling.

Gloves that we get these are the Frank Thomas Evie gloves they come in different colors these obviously the black ones and I don’t know if you can see but there’s some.

Detail on those there’s some embroidery some flower embroidery in just a bit of nice fashionable styling there but there’s actually a leather panel as well for extra protection on the gloves but there’s also on the palm some flower detail on the on the palm protection that also gives some added grip as well these are also waterproof with a waterproof membrane throughout.

And they’ve actually got a comfort.

Liner inside and you can see as well as elastication at the wrist and a Velcro book called for personalization / sizing thanks for watching this video and remember to like and subscribe the janus youtube channel answer ding the little bell for more notification thank you.

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