What’s going on guys my name is James as you know this leaning so today’s video is actually going to be my budget vlogging so kind of thing at 2017 because me myself I’m on a very low budget because I don’t have that much money in the moment but I’ve managed to get some equipment to go for a very.

Cheap price and I just saw it yes today’s video I’m going to be talking about my budget 2017 not long equipment to be honest I’m going to go.
Through with you step by step and everything I list.

In the link in the description so yeah okay this is literally if this is my budget set up in 2017 I’ve got this tripod very cheap I think this cost me like 8 pounds and then this is mainly.

The piece of equipment I use the Panasonic Lumix G 3 K with an interchangeable lens at the moment I’ve got the normal lens.

On it and then I’ve got a lens adapter on it so it’s right up saving money on applying in a complete new lens you can tell I’ve taken the lens off here so this is a 52 mil macro wide-angle lens it’s just an adapter but you can definitely tell the difference when.

This is on as just a lot wider angle so this is the normal 14 to 42 millimeter.

Lens on the camera and I use this adapter just to pop on the end to make it a bit more wider angle but this is literally it guys this this cost me.

Around 90 pounds all together but not between 90 and 100 pounds all together that’s.

The first – the price is not bad I bought it over time and it was literally just budget I need a cheap camera found this cheap secondhand and it does the.

Job just perfectly okay so this is actually the standard 14 to 42 millimeter lens just I choose difference in just a literally a cheap cheap adapter which widens the angle and is still recording hi-def risk I think this cost me like 13 pounds but it makes the fair amount of difference but this on now and she goes but it looks like there we are exactly the same position I’ve literally just slip that and screwed it on.

A bit more wider angle and it I think it suited perfectly fine I didn’t really feel the need to spend like two hundred pounds on on a single lens to get this with 13 pounds doesn’t absolutely fine and I’ll link that down below in the description well but this is literally my myself and I have to say I’ll probably get a flash.

For the top of my camera and I’ll probably show you that now on the computer but let y’all pick this.
Up now and this is my the only.

That sucks with this is it doesn’t actually support an external mic so when I do sit down videos just recording sit-down videos I’ll probably just have to recorder my blue snowball but I’ll show you what I’ll keep the actual flashes off of this camera as well and yeah we’ll get to that as I’m just on eBay at the moment and this is probably the flash I’m going to end up getting there we go it’s only actually 20 pounds and it’s brand new supports double-a batteries but again it’s 20.

Pounds to make your picture more brighter especially when you’re in dark areas suspense right yeah that’s pretty much it it’s pretty much in this is I just thought I made this video I feel I’m on such a low budget myself just understand this camera so that was.

Best Budget Vlogging Setup 2017!!

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