Ok everybody happy Saturday hope everybody’s doing super great and here is this week’s listing on my geek pop so we have up here an all leather satchel crossbody satchel my authentic Gucci crossbody / shoulder bag yes it is authentic I’ve got this really adorable Burberry I think it’s called it so I’m not sure if it’s the Novacek or.

The beat check and it too is a 100% authentic with the pinks and the lavenders and the black leather trim this has the web on it let me get the bottom I’ve got pictures and everything for you lots.

Of pictures to follow this then I have my lumen esque yes I’m selling my Luminess guys because it’s just sitting in my closet not getting any youth then I have over here my Betsey Johnson unicorn bag that I did a video on and I’ve got.

This really really cute two-in-one vegan leather satchel there’s a purse on the inside as you can see in there you can’t really see but there’s a crossbody bag that comes on the inside and.

Then behind it I have a super cute all suede with leather trim hobo purse but it’s also a backpack so it’s really.

Slouchy really pretty genuine leather and yeah that is going to be what’s going up for selling my deep pop shop this weekend if you guys are interested check out my deep pop I’ll leave the link below don’t forget shipping on each of these items is $14 USPS I don’t make up the price sorry it cost so much but it is what it is if you want it shipped then that’s what it is so let’s see what.

Only within the US and I will get everything out just as soon as I can as soon as payment comes through if you do not have a depop then go ahead and message me at.

My email which I’m going to leave in the link below as well and just want to let you know I’m letting all of these go for a substantial amount less than what I paid for so you’ll get lucky if one of you guys are the first.

One to purchase these and I guarantee authenticity on my Gucci and my Burberry how do I guarantee.

It I guess the pictures will guarantee it genuine leather authentic lumen esque authentic Betsey Johnson a little unbranded bag and this back here is from.

Urban Outfitters so ok you guys have a really really great weekend and hope you guys see something you like talk to you later stay humble stick I and bye you you you.

These Bags Need You! Part 3 Declutter Sale! Gucci, Burberry, Betsey Johnson & More!

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