Hey fire signs welcome in welcome in how are you so two cups yay all right my love’s so umm if you are interested we are doing something called Sunday night Tarot salon so if you’re interested in it’s primarily about twin flame energy I do pull little cards for everybody everybody gets asked question kind of a things that’s happening.

On Sunday nights link is below if you’re interested in our December 5th retreat.

About manifesting love in Atlanta that is below – alright let’s see what’s going on for you guys Sun when rising in Venus fire sized October 23rd fall has officially arrived in New England most definitely alright knight of Pentacles slow but steady slow movement some movement there’s the two of cups again I like it if you’ve.

Been waiting around Wow okay okay connected you could be connected to this I see the sad gener G love waiting around tower 5a Pentacles Hermit yeah oh boy Wow alright this is gonna take some doing what’s the overarching energy that’s reading please six of swords same as the air sign getting to a new place okay going to a new place alright.

Let’s see I want to show you okay so there’s Kitty’s out on the lawn alright knight of Wands there you are sad G energy two of cups very much in love looking for love this is passion okay seven of Pentacles you just feel like you’re waiting you’re just like waiting and that’s you know the knight of Wands don’t like that alright they want to move forward they want to move ahead.

Move forward this other person has gone through some crazy though I gotta say to you Tower 5 of Pentacles permit so they could have been going through maybe a divorce something happened to them this is a new cycle that worst is over here okay a new cycle is happening this could move forward quickly now alright this could move forward.

This tower was this poor hermit Virgo energy I feel like that the earth sign is gonna come.

And make you an offer here Tower six of five of swords nine of Pentacles Sun they’ve battled to get to you they’ve done battle here five of swords feeling confident they want the happiness and joy that you bring them they have done battle here five of swords five of Pentacles this tower energy has.
Really blown them up for some of you I just.

Feel like you’ve been waiting I don’t really feel like you’re the one you might be the thing that might blow them away I feel like that’s not you that’s.

Not you you’ve been just fine you’re in this set of knight of Wands to a cup seven of Pentacles energy get three three nights here so there’s movement they’ve gone through something terrible they’ve gone through something terrible they’ve been fighting they’ve been battling yeah third party did you do to do walking.

Away from they walked it’s like they walked if you’re the third party they walked away from you so they could win this battle okay and you’ve just been waiting nine of swords son could you know there’s leo energy too you guys have just been waiting and they had to walk away from you so they could win this other battle and the other battles now over one for this tennis swords yeah now pack now new passion being offered quickly nine knight of swords yeah they had to.

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