I’m Nick Mira music producer / musician from Virginia and these are the five most important beats to me alright the first beat is little skies kill for you produced by sidepiece when this song came out on the album like it just comes in as soon as the song starts the beats just hitting and it’s just so fast-paced and.

Yet the drums and the beat are so energetic but yet the melody is so melancholic and like depressing but it just fuses together and then lo skies two flows all over and it just works out.

Perfectly the second beat on the list is little peep awful things produced by similar sac I say mainly because of the guitar melody that.

First brought me in this is one of the first songs of heard by Pete yeah the the melody was just really catchy right off the jump and then it was a really good structured song.

His influence I say you know you can hear it.

So strongly in today’s music and just the way that his music was out there like his music wasn’t like what everybody else is making on you know whatever platform it was something that.

Was really organic and unique and nobody had heard such songs as the ones that he was making you know he was good at fusing different styles of music together and I think it worked really well and obviously you can tell now everybody else is trying to.
Do it because they think it’s what will make them succeed but.

I think you really got to have it organically like you did.
meets who produced by four row because his haters I’m doing dislike the dangers my first you know for out from Virginia like myself had to.

Put that on there excuse me the beat just bangs really hard and like the whole time has so.

Much bounce to it now Pharrell was definitely an influence for me coming from Virginia you know I didn’t know when I was first starting out producing I didn’t know that many people had came out of Virginia doing big things like that and then obviously I.

Didn’t grow up listening to you know Pharrell and Timbaland so I had to later on as I got into hip-hop and producing I had to you know Koecher myself and learn about the songs they did nerd and Missy Elliott and Timbaland and all that now.
For my fourth beat I have little Uzi vert with Dark Queen.

Produced by Mali raw is one of my favorite Mali raw beets mainly because of the melody and just like the chord progression alone it was just crazy and then the drums just bounced perfectly on it lo Zi wrote it really well and last.

But definitely not least I say young Doug de Blanc which produced by Metro boomin woman so now that song.

Is just like such a ballad when it came out and like the music video was just like so legendary with the song and then it was just a such a dramatic ballad that um young Doug just made such.

A hard song over and it was so long I think young thug and also future are some of the few artists that can make longer songs in today’s age of music that people can just listen to over and over because nowadays.

Songs are just like two minutes and I was.

Like four or five and those are the five most important beats to me.

Nick Mira Pays Homage To Pharrell, Metro Boomin And Maaly Raw

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