Successes are made out of the ingredients of my struggles and you can never know my successes until you understand my struggles because my struggles are the pathway that led me into my success are you hearing what I’m saying and so if you’re gonna have fellowship with somebody you have to choose your friends and make sure that they have.

Something to die and in their.

Life if you’ve never had anything to die in your life you have the kind of optimism that is annoying if you’ve never had anything.

To go wrong in your life I don’t like to you preach it aggravates me gets on my nerves because you’re preaching have not been balanced by failure if you’ve never had anything to die and they’re like don’t counsel me because you really don’t understand me because you don’t know why I am like I am until you’ve been where I’ve been you can’t remember had anything to die and you’re like don’t sit there and tell me be a man take it don’t cry you don’t know.

What I’m taking you don’t know what I’m enduring you don’t understand just because you read some books that took.

A psych class doesn’t mean that your there’s something about luring to death that loss and misfortune and adversity.

There’s something about going through things and don’t say fair to you then once you.

Go through them you need to make sense of the madness in.

Your life since you can change what happened you.

Can’t alter what you’ve been through at least you need to be able to think that there’s something greater good that’s going to come out of it it’s what they call bringing closer to bring closer to it to justify them I didn’t go through this kind of pain for nothing.

I need to be to feel like something good it’s going to come out of this if I can’t do that then I feel like I’m a victim and I feel like I’ve been victimized and I forever feel sorry for myself and I’m.

Not free to go on with my life and I’m not safe to remarry again and I’m not safe to get another job again not safe in another church again because I have unresolved issues out of my past and I’m not.

Ready to go forward with my life because I’m still tied up with where I came from I need to know if I’m going to continue to worship God I need to know that some demon didn’t get.

Loose in my life and wrecked my life.

I need to know that oh hell it’s not broken.

Loose in my life that Satan haven’t snatched the steering wheel from God and if driving my life to hell I need to know that the demonic influences of my enemies have not taken over my life even though I feel like my life has become a.

Prey to Satanism wickedness and carnality I need to know that God is not through.

Working it out of that sooner or later he’s going to do something in my life that makes it I just happens and so the women seated here together they.

Went together they cried together they shared banging together they shared very home together they shared their losses together they share their emptiness together.

Male who decided wishes it got split I’m quit and got back home where I came from and trust me but I’m going back home they fell and left a significant impression on them and all in the midst of this pain with them stop crying stop crying I have no options like what am I going to do she said if I married today and had more.

Children what are you going to do wait for the children to become grown that they might be your husband’s again she said I’m out of the game the clock is against me or I wish I wish ahead of time I wish I had time to talk about time.

What do you do when the clock if against you and and you have enough wisdom to do it over but you don’t have enough time to do it over what do you do when you miss your season and you miss your window of opportunity what what do you do when you you know that you’ve got the desire to do and you’ve got the passion to do it but but you look in the mirror and and the wrinkles in your.

Face and the sagging of your body indicates you don’t have time to do this all over again she says I don’t have time to get pregnant again I don’t have a second chance at.

Life my life is over go away don’t hang around me I have nothing left to give there are people that when you start running out of time you get bitter you get desperate you start pushing people away from you because they’re asking something of you that you don’t think you can give anymore.

And you find yourself in a place of completion.

And it feels like God has forgotten you but I remind you nothing just happens and at this age in this stage they’re the reason why it happened at this age they’re.

The reason why it happened at this level in life it’s not a mistake if not an accident God didn’t fall asleep on the job and the devil came in and wrecked the car No never sleeps and he never slumbers he’s a complete control and he knows where you are and he knows.

How oh you are and he knows how much time to spend and he knows what happened to you and he knows who walked out and he knows who betrayed.

You and he knows super less than you and he knows who raped you and he knows who rejected you and and he.

Knows you dropped out of school and he knows about what you didn’t get and he knows about the health of your child and he knows about the condition of your neighborhood understand that and tell yourself nothing just happens and so open walks away she walks away I might have to turn this into a series because I can’t I get out of this but Oprah walks away and she cried and she goes back.

But and she and there are people who can walk away from you and hear me when I tell you this when people can walk away from you let them walk when people can walk away from you let them walk I could sit down without fridge just reached right now when people can walk away from you let I don’t want you to try to talk another person in the stand with.

You when people can walk away from you wonderful I’ll try to draw today 20 years ago the situation is when people can’t walk away from because your destiny is not this morning your destiny is never tired to anybody that left the Bible said that they came out from us but it might be made manifest that they were not of us.

For had they been of us no doubt they would.

Have continued with us people leave you because they’re not joining to you and if they’re not joined to you you get superglue and you can’t make them stay and it doesn’t mean that oppa was a bad person it just leaves an opus part in the story is over and you’ve got to know when people’s part in your story is over so that.

You don’t keep trying to raise the dead you gotta know what is dead David when your boy is dead wash your face and have another baby you got go look at somebody say nothing just happens walked away it’s.

No accident if they left is no accident if you tried to make it work it it wouldn’t work is no accident accept it as the will of God Kaka it’s a tip spiritual gift I believe it good it’s not that.

It’s a faithful look at some times like nothing this happens Ruth on the other hand ah Ruth on the other hand coming to the crossroads she looks at oppa who left roof to mr. nail man says as the Lord liveth I shall.

Not leave me she makes a statement to this woman that sounds somewhat somewhere in between for true intimacy and border zone as millions.

Of people don’t even know how to explain what Ruth said to Naomi it makes them uncomfortable they’re afraid to talk about it they don’t want to teach on it same thing David yonathan whenever same-sex relationships get too close people don’t even know what to say because people are so carnal they think that the only thing that can.

Tie you to somebody is flesh to flesh woman with old enough to be fruits mama she’s not attracted to.

Mail miss flesh something from kind way mel-min spirit has gotten in her spirit that there is something that happens to you occasionally where you can meet somebody in you since you since you that your destiny it’s tied to that do you understand what’s happening to us do you understand that we’re spending our lives together and it ever cross your mind that we’re spending our.

We will die after this and that we have been joined together and we’re spending our life together have you ever realized you can spend your life.

Anywhere with anybody doing anything but something happens inside of the way you sense that your destiny is tied to a ministry or.

To a vision and you decide to spend your life people keep talking about spending their money ain’t nothing I can spend my money and live in Chicago but when I spend my life with you that’s all I.

Don’t I don’t I don’t think I don’t think that hitch we’re spending our lives together you.

Your story and leave me out we’re spending.

Our lives together there is no greater bond possible occasionally I’m scrunching from the whole Bible you see it you see it happening but people who are not even blood related spin their lives together in the most intimate connection possible and and theologians and scholars and preachers stumble about it because they don’t know how to.

Because we don’t understand the power.

Being together how can we explain what made Elijah leave his natural mother and father and one after Elijah to wait to clean his.

Clothes to pull water on his head just up his tent but some kind of way Eliza sensed that his destiny was time to heal and how can we explain Timothy who walks away from everything that he owns to hang out outside winner of the channel sail as prepares to be minute he meets in the window handing him books at breakers ministering to him the young man understood.

I’ll never be who I was meant to be without you in my life do you hear what I’m saying there’s something there’s something about the way you.

Talk it feeds me it’s something about the way you speak that changes me it’s something about your spirit that motivates me and I’ll never be completed without you and I didn’t meet you.

By accident I didn’t stumble up and meet you this commotion that none of us shot this didn’t.

Just happen there’s been a reason that I’m in this place I’m so sick of talking to people who think that everything just I guess I’ll.

Go to church I guess I did say I guess I’ll move to Chicago I guess I’ll move to Dallas that’s not how it is the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord your steps were morning the phone call that you got when you got back you got it you want me to be here right now if you have to make the time that you made yesterday you wouldn’t experience what you’re experiencing.

That they God public Lester well it streams in your it’s not that you’re holding it’s.

It’s not that you’re good but God why did you are release you to your destiny and you are and you can’t get away from somebody and tell just happens territory syllabus that this.

Means this means this means that I’m up under the banner of.

The banner of his will even in.

The midst of death I’m up under the banner of miss whelan even in the midst of pain I’m up under the banner of his wheel even in the midst of separation and disappointment under the banner of his will can I take it to the next level Jonah was sent to Nineveh went to Tarsus headed for Tarsus not obeying God got thrown off the boat into the belly of the fish swallow for three.

Days even though God told him to go to Nineveh and he didn’t know he was still in the wheel I’m not sure you’re gonna handle this he he went the wrong way and he was filled in the wheel they threw him off the boat he.

Was filled in the wheel I’ll prove to you he was in the wheel it just happened to be a big fish it just happened.

To be a big fish swimming beside the big boat so that when big man dumped him over the fish this is just wrong detective the fish turning down to.

The bottom of the mountains with seaweed wrapped around his neck he styles of the feet below sea level and God sustained it sustaining not one.

Day not two days not four days but three 20 days Hoppus on the birthday on the third day the baxley rebellious reprobate disconnected disjointed preacher comes up out of the water and thousands of years later Christ says even as Jonah was.

The belly of the fish three days so shall the Son of Man be in the grave he had to get up when he got up and he had to go down when he went down because nothing just.

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