Man it’s been so long since I’ve watched like something in Reverse and today we’re gonna watch quagmire you guys know quagmire obviously he’s the guy from Family Guy and yeah so we’re gonna watch this is one scene where he was smashing in Reverse and that’s what we’re gonna check out and if you pause it at the right place.
Just just a little heads up to y’all like a.

Little titty okay that’s a Frazier and slip but a little kick bit tip for y’all if you pause it the right part you might be able to see some map slip and you know.

You can fat you can get one out if you want but that’s all you let’s check it out man okay so this is when Stevie’s time machine might stop working and whatnot so he got real you hit somebody with a beta.

Beta I’m not so sure about that you said you’re gonna break my thermometer that means the thermometer is in his you seem to be completely unaware that anything is amiss boys your trash barrels were a little close to our driveway ciao PS please close.

The windows when a given piano lesson why is he reading in Reverse oh boy man watching sex.

In Reverse is just bizarre God where does quagmire meet these women this is why box buster went out of business hey what’s going on over there whoa what happened God look at all this devastation what the hell happened oh the chicken.

Flame that’s until this then Peter got roasted my chicken so ironic okay that’s enough okay Sheamus today’s the day you’ll finally ask out that barista what’s the worst that could happen boom you guys saw it that’s some Illuminati stuff right though like do you see what happening basically it ended in the military.

The military started the war man but quagmire got to smash backwards what kind of military was it I don’t know man you.

Guys tell me i’ma stop this video right here and call it a day man that’s my time guys like share subscribe tell me did you laugh.
That was a pretty funny episode but anyways let me know peace..

Quagmire Has S3x In Reverse – Try Not To Laugh Challenge The Best Of Family Guy #5

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