Hi my name is Dan Roshan I’ve been selling real estate for more than a decade my team and I we have sold thousands of homes and this is how we do it today I’m going to talk to you about how you can best follow up on a prospect I’m an Internet lead when you don’t have a phone number.

Just today I was working with an agent in my office and she had asked me she’s emailed me a lead that she got from one of an internet lead.
Except it didn’t have a phone number attached to it it had.

The email it looked like it was a valid email address it wasn’t Mickey Mouse comm or anything.

Like that and she emailed it to me she said Dan how should I follow up on this what I shared with her was the way that you want to be able to ultimately what you want to do of course is to have a phone conversation well if you don’t have the phone number and you ask for the.

Phone number odds are you’re not going to get it so what you need to do in that instance is you have to basically just start a dialogue with them you have to you you have to do like a one-liner which would be reply say hey Bob Smith I see that you’re looking for some homes online are you still looking in the Woodbridge area and then when they reply to that then you may ask them.

A secondary question such as okay gray I’ve saw some great homes out there in the market are you looking for a.

Single-family home or are you looking for a townhome and then ultimately you know like on the.

Second or the third try say you know what Bob why don’t we do this why don’t you just jump on the telephone and then that way I can answer all your questions what’s the best phone number for you so instead of just asking for.

The phone number right away you want to sort of develop a little bit rapport a little bit of dialogue and then you want to go ahead and and ask for the phone.

Number so thanks for listen to this today if I can help you in anything you can always email me Dan at greetings virginia.com and if you’re a real estate agent Northern Virginia Maryland or Washington DC would love to and you’re looking for some opportunity I’ve got a bag full of opportunity we’d love to sit down and talk to you.
It’s dan burisch on danny green east.

Virginia comm 703 three four.

Six two seven seven six your success.


Northern Virginia Real Estate: The Best Way To Follow Up With An Internet Lead With No Phone Number

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