Wiggins I’d like to stop their growth living a good life and lose control he said he was good wouldn’t mad and you guys weren’t any doctors today the override was gladly whatever bad had a kid you know get ready you’re gonna goddamn break good news and Joy’s my words where they want I’m really about how do you say.

He’s 11 just toss me my very go down as good as you should go down say like when it’s all said types we’re remembering because they see my like you you wouldn’t ever really well that sounds really here well yes you know they just represent I.

Was lying yeah so tell me I would take two single possessions after trailing by as many as nine Tolliver takes the transition opportunity did come up with six boards and the season opener in San Antonio 16 on the pink slide just so much Tom Thibodeau Saints pregame tonight then he does.

Like Jimmy gettin some minutes out there with the reserves Gordie Jang played so well they have to move that up wisely enough women look at what job I’ve been hitting to Florence.

Everybody in the organization that’s a good block I let go after towns got their blocks you still go to the monitor Kevin Bob says I’ll take advantage of the possession ships of wolves to get off a shot Wiggins keeps it as nice as business didn’t come like that in the question nothing highlighted everything you see to a good start in this third quarter and they’ve got a little tipsy behind that position so it was here last unexpected oh yeah guess it’s gonna be long in street the father loves hands nevertheless we kept the hair.
On his face may be easier to bang down.

All that drives inside option guys what’s begging for my dad a long time ago none of these men flying around there it’s hard to remember that but I kind of remember I kind of did that it’s.
Hard you remember do you go here but I kind of wings he.

Was nasty used to go to like s’mores cake yeah I like it go look at wow that’s as good as dead that’s as good as not if.

There’s no look right now we can actually see now we’re forced to see what the hell that could actually do doesn’t say this is Yu Shu Shu Kevin you and your darling no saying this guy’s right okay all right let’s go do it Tibbals one as they should they up a little bit.

I was gonna say if they lose that that’s a really bad side still not looking good if I just a blues fan.

That’d still be like huh and still be worried you know what I mean because it’s definitely still problems but hopefully the more games they play the more they’ll just get focused on winning and the.

Less they’ll be thinking about you know what I mean hopefully but.

If they start losing a lot I feel like that would just remind them Oh bye anyways that’s gonna do it people and enjoy.

Subscribe if you knew bobby-boy Twitter Instagram all that lovely next time minutes people go away you know my this.

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