Hey my name’s Russell Brunson and well thank you so much for being an affiliate for the perfect webinar now as you know the perfect webinar works people know that we’ve had insane amounts of success stories and testimonials people who have used this in their business so it works we know that but second off we know that by giving.

Away this free script our funnel converts amazing and you can make a ton of really cool affiliate commissions just by giving this thing away and so I want to thank you again for me an affiliate all of your philly links and swipe copy and banner ads and everything to be down below but all.

You have to do is give away this really cool script and and after that you make a bunch of money so again we thank you so much for being an affiliate and if you have any questions please contact our affiliate manager this is Russell Brunson I want to welcome you guys to today’s trading.

Webinar and we have got a lot of people on here in fact I am pretty sure that we are gonna max out excuse me we’re gonna max out the lines today which is always a good a good thing it means you guys.

Are interested in you’re excited so it’s gonna be fun um I’m gonna make sure you guys can see my screen here so if you can see my screen let me know over here the chat box all right yes let’s see it sweet okay so we’re gonna have a lot of fun today you guys now for for me to have a.

I need you guys to be participating with me I thrive off of interaction and so throughout this time I’m Ashley has a lot of questions and please come over this discussion box and and message me and that way we’re gonna be able to have a chance wherever chance kind of talk to you guys and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a lot of fun so before we begin let me know where you guys are all from we’ve got.
Like hundreds and hundreds of you guys on.

So let me know where you’re from obviously where in the world you guys are all at all right we got South Hampton New York Seattle South Carolina Ohio Denver Brooklyn Norway North Carolina South Carolina Omaha Chicago Israel Australia Montreal st. Louis Malaysia Hotlanta Georgia Seattle Montreal but you guys are from everywhere this.

Guys excited for today I wanna make sure you guys are pumped up cuz I’m I’m here and I’m pumped up Egypt Indiana okay alright you guys are fired up this is gonna be cool alright can you guys all.

Hear me I got someone saying they can’t hear me but obviously caring cuz I’m communicating with everyone so all right cool I’ll see.

You guys well I I’m excited to have you guys here I really appreciate you guys jumping on today we’ve got a lot of people logging in so I’m gonna talk for a while.

For a little bit here just gonna do some introductions and then we’re gonna dive right in and I’ve got a lot to to cover if any you guys ever been on my trainings before um you know I get excited and I talk kind of fast and so uh make sure you’re taking notes excuse me I.
Also recommend if you’re on Facebook or.

Skype or texting people I just turn that stuff off so you can focus I’m here for about probably out ninety minutes or so is what I would recommend blocking out but I promise you I’m gonna give you guys an education that took me 12 years to learn and to earn I.

May give it to guys for free here in about 90 minutes and I promise I’ll make it worth your time it’s not gonna be slow or dull or boring for the second we begin we’re gonna be running fast and covering some some really really cool things so that’s kind of game plan you guys and uh and I’m excited very very cool all right all right Bob said Russell if you’re making this much money why you doing this webinar you will find out soon enough.

Bob it’s because I care about you guys and I want to do some awesome stuff Kevin okay so we begin with it the the titleist presentation is called funnel hacks and I just want it for those who come on here we’d all saw all sorts of people who come on these some people who.

Have been advanced doing internet marketing for a long time some guys who were brand new some years to have offline businesses and so I want to really quickly ask you guys you guys know what a funnel is first off what a sales funnel is if you can all right we got some yeses and some noes good case you got both.

Good we’re doing a good job helping you guys to understand the concept so you will get to lo a lot more about this as the presentation.

Goes on but kind of a real quick just a brief overview what a funnel is you know I got started doing this 10 or about 12 years ago now back then internet marketing was really easy like I.

Put up a crappy little website I spent some money on ads and people would buy.

My product I made money it was easy but what’s happened is over the last you know 12 years of me doing this competition’s gotten harder there’s more people out there and it’s just it’s this week I’m harder and harder to make money with this simple website and and so what we’ve been testing things in trying things for over a decade trying to out.
What works and how to make the most money and what we started doing.

Is creating instead of having like a flat website like most people have we started developing things we call sales funnels which is basically like a sales process okay it’s kind of like you know if.

To go to to a store and you walk this store and there’s a whole bunch of stuff there and you’re like what do I buy there’s you know like the state’s the grocery stores a million things are like you really know what to buy you walking in there and that’s kind of like what a website typically is write a whole bunch of stuff is like here come buy things what a sales funnel is is a process where you say hey I’m gonna sell you.

This thing I’m gonna give you this thing first off and you get something to come in and try that right and then after they try that then you then you offer something else and you upsell them and cross and you kind of take someone through a.

Process and by doing these sales funnels we’ve been able to to to change the way that we and other people make money online.

Kind of the the rebirth of the website it’s the next level it’s the evolution I’m gonna show you guys a bunch of sales.

Internet Marketing Webinar – Sales Funnel Explained – Part 1

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