Hi there my name’s Vince from my mate Vince comment in this video they’ve got another fix-it video another video where I buy something for T on eBay and I do my best to fix it with very limited songs and also very limited skills now I can tell by the size of this what it is and if I’m correct.

It should be a faulty Xbox one so the original black one not the S and unfortunately not the X that’s the the standard Xbox one so let’s get into it I’m gonna need to get a scissors where I’ll show you the eBay listed for.

This in a minute once I unpack it it is very well packed here we go.

Okay it does look very battered but it looks like that security seal is intact which is good we’re missing the grill at the side here see what else comes in here okay we’ve just got the power supply as well which looks to be looks to be fine right okay so I’m gonna show you the eBay listing there’s no controller here let me show you what I paid for this all right okay so I paid.

65 pound plus seven pound postage so 72 pounds like anything when it comes to anything gaming-related on eBay or anything phone related secondhand stuffs really expensive you think that a broken Xbox one would be about thirty or forty pound but it’s not the case so if you.
Look at the description it says here the Xbox.

One doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi it does connect to an Ethernet cable but then it won’t update to play games but it will play DVDs I have taken a picture of the error message when the Xbox is turned on this has been due to kids yanking it and dropping on the floor it comes with the power pack only right well I like that that to me sounds honest.

Because it is something that would happen if it was up on a shelf and the kids walk past hit.

The power supply or controller in theory the Xbox could fall onto the floor hopefully this is a genuine one where that is actually what’s happened to it and if you have a look here this is the error message there is a hardware problem sorry the wireless network hardware on this console is not working it will need to be sent in for repair to do.
This visit Xbox comm blah blah blah repair right.

Ok so as you can see it to me that’s completely believable the price is not cheap at all because considering it doesn’t come with a.

Controller you can see then to get a second hands you know a second hand controller you’re going to be paying 20 pounds so you’re looking at paying 92 pounds which is a.

Of money but that is what the market dictates and that is the price of them so that’s what I had to pay to get this one so what we’re going to do is I’m going to connect it up to the TV just to verify that that is the fault and then we’ll take it apart and see what.

The what the problem is unfortunately this thing here.

Is missing so I’m gonna have to look into getting there espares or repair one of them and that’s.

Probably going to add up the price for another five pound or so but there’s no point in even looking at that.

Until I can get it working so I might not even be able to get it working we’ll have to see what happens let’s connect up to the TV and see what’s what well okay so I’ve put a HDMI cable from that to the TV I’ve plugged in the power adapter there let’s turn.

Trying To Fix A Faulty Xbox One Purchased On Ebay

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