My name is Katie Clinton and I’m the education specialist here at Turtle Island restoration network we’re excited to invite you to our coastal celebration this fall it’s Saturday September 23rd 2017 and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about our many conservation initiatives from protecting sea turtles and sharks in Costa Rica to protecting endangered coho salmon here in.

Marin my name is Audrey Fusco and I am the native plant nursery manager at Turtle Island restoration network we have a project called the 10,000 redwoods project where we are.

Growing as many redwood trees as we can ideally 10,000 over the next few years and we’d like to create a more integrated forest corridor system that would bring back the red waste that used to exist here and supporting redwoods with understory plants as well will help to rebuild a native ecosystem my name is Elizabeth Vilano and I am the climate and redwood fellow at Turtle Island restoration hours I gathered propagated and really loved all of our baby.

Redwoods from start until now they’re about four or five months old we’d go into classrooms and we’d have kids gather there on redwood seeds then grow them from seed and then we’d do a citizen science project with them so the kids could kinda me gauge with climate change in this tangible way of actually doing something to stop climate change my name is Reggie fish John I’m a fourth grade teacher in.

San Lorenzo my role in the 10,000 redwoods project is as a classroom teacher I engage my students in really intensive learning about redwoods.
And their interconnectedness in salmet habitat my students plant redwood.

Seeds and then collect data throughout the process and all along the way we’re doing incremental learning around redwoods and what it takes for a redwood to to grow if you’re interested in learning more join.

Our scientists naturalist and activists at our coastal celebration Saturday September 23rd 2017 I you.

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