It’s just a stream of us not knowing what the fuck’s going on so but I’m okay with that I mean women though we can always just fall back to kill your friends we always give me a moment because I need to go set up my actual camera and stuff anyway pull a wild Spartans Oh has anyone here this.

Would be chaos probably fun that would go team what is the bomb and everyone else reads the fuck you do that you have the manual is free.
Immunity three and it’s just a PDF many times will t getting self explodes.

It’s on the website you could just keep talking and nobody explodes PDF yep just to start with hey is that what we’re doing I’m high right now like you mentioned it I’m like oh my.

God that sounds amazing a chaotic and I’m all for yes we do check box as well but only if we hide the room code until after everyone actually I love to try that too after.

This otherwise people are going to spam the N word because they’re total dickheads okay I’m open to.

The public how about we do a bomb Manuel first just like one round to see how people like it and then we could switch up like jack box out or depending on how thing we.

Around and looking said and I’m not really sure why does that sound mine with a lot of reading yeah it is okay page the point is that we’re doing chaos it’s gonna be crazy and I love it should we give like each person like a page range that is.

Up to you guys I’m gonna be the one who’s actually disarming the thing also let me move us to the.

Recording booth this can’t possibly end badly because I’m gonna die I’m.

Actually going to set up my mic and stuff on regular big boy computer okay big mother shit I need to order a pizza I can do that later there’s five of us you can totally cover a good chunk of the manual so long as you don’t get too complicated shit I actually yeah you could totally have GMS jump in she’s actually.

Getting just like you were asking for party.

Games to play with IRL friends apart and we’re deciding to do something different by the way took to the mods that are in residence I’m about to drop into general chat on my vanity so to someone this if more waiting room okay okay okay so we’re doing a bomb disposal the whole premise is I can see the bomb and y’all can’t so don’t.

She don’t go and whatnot you don’t even matter because like you still have to tell me how the fuck disarm it ever add.

Anyway which is really different don’t cheat though you guys used to place I think it’s gonna be very suspicious if there’s if you look at bomb man you’ll calm okay I’m gonna add six modules.

With five minutes to start how about that oh Christ no more modules 11 modules 12 modules max time then you should each take a different type of screaming we’re used to the idea just one game first okay are you streaming right now I haven’t dude streaming hello Internet okay I’m gonna get started I hope.

You all have that bomb menu already because I’m gonna be locked in there you could all take different pages keypad or wires okay okay so are.

We ready I I called my wire I’ll do wires all right ready damn it that was the one I was on here we go all right subject of the button the skies only I’m not allowed to.

Party Games And Explosions – Fan Friday – Jackbox Party Pack & Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

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