This is a production animal school to God be the glory when our forefathers came to this country they were looking for spiritual freedom many of them did not really realize the spiritual bondage they were in they were in bondage to the creeds the doctrines the precepts of men they were in darkness and they had begun to look for.
Light my name is Wesley Simons join me and others as.

We tell you the story of the restoration as we study the restoration movement we love the men and women involved and I’ve heard even preachers say our roots are in the restoration movement although our roots are not in the.

Restoration movement we go back to Acts chapter 2 the church you read about in the Bible this is the.

Church that we promote also I’ve known of people that would quote the restoration preachers as if so this is authoritative I love the.

The restoration movement but in this study the only thing that will be authoritative is the inspired inerrant perfect will of God as we study the restoration movement in America we’ll be.

Looking at four major movements primarily we’ll be looking at Abner Jones alive Smith in New England we’ll be looking at James old Kelly Ross Haggard in North Carolina also Barton stone.

In Kentucky and then we’ll also be looking at Alexander Campbell what was then known as Virginia as we look at the movement there but Ilana Smith was.

Born in Lyme Connecticut June 17th 1769 he became a Baptist preacher he preached for eleven years for the Baptist Church he married.

Mary Burley he believed in the miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit dreams visions anything along that line that would influence him miraculously he later came to give some of these up as he questioned Calvinism and he had preached hard when it came to sin and say to.

The young people you shouldn’t live in sin and they’d say what’s the problem will man.

Don’t bother us well he really started to study his Bible and he came to realize that the only way that he is going to get out of this mess will.
Simply go back to the New Testament and do only that which the New.

Testament taught he put out a Christian paper he put out other writings and he tried to influence the world to say hey if we’re going to come out of spiritual darkness we’re going.

To have to go back to the new test that’s what the restoration movement is all about in Rothen massachusetts 1772 dr. Abner Jones was born under Jones was not very religious until about age 21 when he decided it’s time to become concerned about God and my soul that was his attitude he decided hey I’d like to preach a little bit but what bothered.

Him was he did not know what to preach he too was steeped in Calvinism and so he went back to the New Testament and he started to read the more he read the New Testament the more he realized Calvinism.
Was wrong here’s a man who decided hey.

Is return to the pattern of the Bible there’s a lot of people today don’t feel there is a pattern but dr.

Abner Jones believed there was now for a while he.

Practiced medicine and when he decided to get married he told his wife to be now here’s what you’ve.

Restoration History Tour (part 1)

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