Let’s page oh man one laughs yeah oh yeah I should coming I can feel it when the silent the horns perfect for the mind of the stay that man met Aloha going for the midget five reasons why we go by the flat guys it ain’t nothing though what is Christ consciousness and I’m not a Christian I want to.

Go I want to let you guys know that I don’t identify with any religion so yeah I do believe in religion though which is love love is the Christ consciousness love is what.

Everybody should be emitting love is non judgement love is caring love is empathic and love is pure nice consciousness means that you.
Don’t combat with anyone you see everyone.

As your brother and your sister so if you are truly following the Christianity or the Christ consciousness that Christ consciousness that you should be your life should be very blessed you should be living the life of your dreams all you guys in church you should be coming there.

And blessing each other with open arms and you shouldn’t be judging each other and there.

Shouldn’t be a toxic situation with anyone if you’re truly live in Christ consciousness so yeah I don’t know I just feel as though a lot of Christians don’t know what Christ consciousness is and as you want to show you guys share that with you guys so that you could be truly living the Christian.

Life that you want to be living you don’t have to be a Christian to be living Christ consciousness of course but I don’t think that you can be a Christian or promote Christ consciousness if you’re trying to promote separation separation after all.

Is an illusion yes I love this song I love music so you guys probably under and girl but anyways let’s talk about how to pray yes but God loves me says um you know we can all speak to God and in fact every word that you speak everything that you speak you’re speaking to God so be very careful what you’re saying that’s why God said treat others.

How you would like to be treated because karma is a real thing and it’s going to come back just put out good into the world and it’s going to come back to you I don’t know if that’s doing anything with praying but I had.

A pray like I don’t think I.

Ever actually do this God can I have this that and a third or God thank you so much.

Well sometimes I do but for the most part I’m just talking like this like I’m just saying thank God for life wow that’s beautiful oMG I’m.

So grateful oh I’m gentle look good today like I’m feeling myself God thank you for creating this vest so like such things that’s praying praying just.

Being in a good mood praying is just emanating the God the Christ consciousness that’s what that’s a praying it’s.

Just emanating the best person that you can possibly be.

Always have the capacity to be awesome you know you choose what you want to be so I hope that that kind of help I don’t know these are the way I do videos so if.

You guys like it then definitely subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye beautiful stay low.

Pray And Meditate (to Live A Healthy Happy And Successful Life!)

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