How can I help you thank you for calling in Microsoft only I help you yes sir I had a message that I needed to call this number it is about your computer that Microsoft servers are stopped so are you in front of the computer the Microsoft services have stopped yeah what kind of like what kind of services the.

Microsoft I mean locking windows or yeah the windows services oh okay yeah I’m right here at my computer yeah what.

My desktop on the desktop what you see I mean I just saved my desktop and my icons okay so just look it on the cable you see a Windows.

Key a Windows key where’s that on the keyboard where at on the keyboard Sidebottom on the key word is it that one beside the function button yeah.

Yeah I say yeah for squares yeah yeah yeah hold it down and hit the letter R okay brought up box has typed the name of a program folder document or Internet resource windows will open it and use your blanket face with open right yeah this blank yeah so.

You just type over there www dot then you can type MS and Mary essence and.

Then you can type in those wi ND o WS okay then you can type the number one dot-com okay you must window John calm yeah then hit the enter key on the keyboard okay idea now what.

Can you see it’s opening up a page it says secured support connection yeah and you see there at the tech level one two three four yes okay so right now we are providing you the Microsoft ID and the password over there so we click on the technical one one okay and look at the bottom what can you see yes downloading something supremo dot exe click on that okay it’s just finished okay you.

Click on that idea now what can you see welcome to supremo run just click on accept at the bottom click on accept I did and.

Now what can you think allow the control of your company do you see update anything like update – pretty more yes or no yeah no ok ok.

Look at the left side you see the ID in the password so just read out the ID and password for me just read you that number yeah ok it’s four eight four two three eight six four six okay in the password one four eight eight okay and now it does give me a second let me check it from my side ok ok and what you’re doing mostly in this.

Computer well I do shopping online shopping banking I look at YouTube videos you know yes just the usual stuff oh so now you just look it on the screen like I’m just showing your dad services it has been it stopped in the computer.

So like I’m just typing here MS conf IG and then you can see a new window will appear on the screen you say system configuration yes yes and like I’m just click on that services and right now you can just look at there.

Mm-hmm okay just give me a second here okay I can show you what is the problem here okay just give me a second okay so right now like and me ain’t got anybody else using that computer apart from you it’s just me and.
My girlfriend okay and how old are you sir.

How old am I I’m 45 45 okay so now just for you I like I’m just on.

To my senior supervisor and he will I was be okay okay you hello yes hello we are – this is Peter Williams senior.

Supervisor in the Microsoft Corporation House it is so far I’m good how are you yeah I’m doing fine but it seems.

My Microsoft Windows Has Expired

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