Okay welcome back again for our next feature I want to talk about kind of a power feature that we’ve included in the application that came by way of a lot of suggestions from our current users you know something that’s incredibly inspiring is every day at the Atlas headquarters you know working with the team we’re really into in tune.

With and listening to our users our members right obviously you know I have my own background in running very successful martial arts school operations a lot of our folks inside of our executive.

Branch have lots and lots of martial arts operations experience but we’re very very focused on listening to our users listening to our members as well.

And in fact just in this latest release just in the latest release of Atlas we’ve included more than 80 feature suggestions and enhancements that have come directly from our users the people who are using the application so we’re really responsive.

To that kind of stuff in fact we have an entire section of our tech area who are focused on nothing but listening to our clients listening to our members listening to the.
People who are using the application and figuring out.

How to modify and adjust the application so that it works even more.

Effectively even more efficiently less.

Clicks more intuitive nough so one of the power features I’d like.

To show you today is the people search and it’s actually a little hidden here I think I’m gonna make this little I want to make this little bigger but if you look in the top left hand corner over here right under my own user account you’ll see this people search and if you click in there this is a highly requested.

Feature where anywhere from anywhere in the application if I’m using any function or feature of the application and I want to find a student find a buyer find a prospect whatever the case might be find a community member I want to be able to do that quickly and easily right so for example if I click up in the in the people search and let’s let’s look for John Smith okay I just type a few letters of the name and I get an instant return list of all.

The people who meet that criteria so you’ll see I have a student named John Watson who’s 159 years old which is interesting again I’m working with test data here’s his mobile number I have a buyer named John Watson as well looks like that’s the same guy they’re both.

159 I have two staff members with John in their name and I have a contact just a general contact named John Smith as well so again from here you can quickly go down any of those any and/or all you know any of those prospects students buyers contacts whatever they might.
Be and get to their profile quickly and easily from there again from their.

Profile you can you know you can email them or text them or you know do all sorts of other actions.

Well but this is just a really quick kind of power feature where you can you can you can check for people based on them now the people search also searches other fields in addition to name so maybe you don’t know their name maybe you only know their phone number so let’s say I have I don’t know five five four let’s say five five I know five five is in their phone number so I type in five five.

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