Do you have anything underneath there um underwear okay perfect surprise you know have you thought you’re coming for your callback this is the actual thing it’s happening right now this is elevator makeover and we’re doing your makeover here right now Danielle’s friend Marimar has nominated her for a makeover because Miss Tang is always running around in sweatpants tired.

Shoes looking like she should be in bed I feel like my best friend needs a makeover a huge don’t miss me too much I want to definitely bronze her up and.

Give her a nice healthy glow we also hear that she’s fold all the time and we want.

To make sure that her outerwear is just as good as her outfit underneath leave your bag yeah we’ll take it off of your dog what’s your book for Oh your model yeah an actress model actress Oh looks like take some layers ah it’s not that cold in here promise not.

At all so we have this fun little skirt that I want to replace your whatever that is.

This is what you’re rolling around in the city in yeah I sacrificed a lot of fashion for comfort I hate making sacrifices you don’t have to do that you can balance the two it’s like with this skirt this is actually a knit skirt so it’s super cozy but it’s gonna be way.

More fashionable than that situation okay those look like boyfriend sweatpants yeah let’s get rid of those the base is gonna look like slippers to me slip that on it’s.
A family show everyone look you may look you’re just as comfortable.

But you look amazing so why in the world do you think you need to makeover your like actress model I’m either very very dressy because I love to be or extremely casual yeah I mean cuz that was not too much that was like not even crying huh we’re almost there my gosh so I basically just put.

A little bit of foundation around the redness cuz you’ve got some redness on your cheeks.

But the rest of your skin is really clean and really beautiful so you don’t really need much um after that.

Gonna highlight contour and just something very simple girl you’re doing all that an elevator she packed it in Wow I’m missing the roots of your hair with a little bit of hairspray giving you a light tease it’s for a little lift smells good cuz you have fine hair but you have a lot of it so.

Basically we’re just making give a little bit more because you have some redness around your cheeks it’s.

Like natural blush so you don’t even need much I could be why I don’t own blush ha ha do you like glitters have you ever tried to play with glitter no okay change lot today so cuz your eyes this is just a glitter eyeliner so.

It doesn’t get messy at all okay I just want to close your eye and apply it as close to the.

Lash line as possible kinda like eyeliner it’s just a fun little trick I would love to cut bangs on your hair but we don’t have time so I took a section out and I basically just dropped it to the side just the feeling of a side bang without the commitment it’s a faux bang love that we are like almost there alright so this.

Is a really cute heeled boot super simple you slide those on for me it’s just on welcome front oh gosh oh my god worse you do this you don’t forget it we on time okay all right are you ready ready ready for your big reveal okay let’s do this oh my god.

You think Allah oh my god I love.

How it’s a bang without the commitment right.

Glitter do you like the glitter on the eyes yeah I really do it that’s like I would have never grabbed glitter for my eyes ever you came in with these crazy dumb face left hands and we put you.

In this knit skirt which is still comfortable I love the.

Pattern I think it’s really fun on you you’re.

A tall girl you can totally wear pattern like this and what I love is that since you’re.

Always cold and you’re running around to auditions and.

You need to look good this is a really fashionable coat looks great on you we think you look great I can’t wait to see what Marimar thinks come on in oh my god you look amazing I love it like I’m wearing glitter around Wow the colors and patterns everything you should really dress like this all the times you like this better than the sweat pants obvious hahaha thank you so much so you’re welcome I think she looked.

Amazing when she let us hair off all those sweats she looks like a grown-up with a beautiful blue coat she’s gonna stay warm and toasty and for her makeup I wanted to really change it up do something completely different so I put a pink glitter eyeliner pink cheeks and a pink gloss to really kind of make the.

Look a little bit more fun because she looks more mature with her outfit and the showed her how she could do a really easy bow bang using a bobby pin and a little sectioning trick I loved it and if you guys liked it be sure to.

Give us some thumbs up comment down below and be.

Sure to subscribe to the glamour youtube channel to not miss any episodes of elevator makeover 5 love look great you guys should give me a makeover throw the elevators up and down all the time busy busy busy so you never know.

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