Hey guys so the first thing you want to do is you want to grab your Starbucks coffee sleeve and cut it in half on both sides just on the lines that there that are there once you get that done you’re going to want to grab your index cards grab the coffee sleeve trace that out then once you get.

That traced out you will want to grab your scissors and cut just in between.

The lines like I’m doing here just go ahead and cut that out once you get that done you will then want to grab some more index cards and continue cutting out your desired amount that you will want for your notebook probably we just want to grab them in stacks of about.

Ten makes it easier to cut them out and once you get that all done and you get all the cards cut out that you want for your notebook then you’re going to go ahead and.
Grab your clip and clip it on like I did here grab your.

Glue and your paintbrush glue the top side paint all that glue into the cards get it pressed in real good don’t miss any points then you will grab a couple more clips and you will clip those down and you will set it and let it dry once it’s dry go ahead remove those clips you can see that it’s all put together here grab the top and the bottom of the sleeve grab some more glue and do just.

Like we did before paint get it all get every little piece that you can then you will want to grab your clips again and you’re gonna want to clip.

Those on the top and let that dry I actually realized I.

Needed three clips while it was drying so I grabbed another one as you can see and there you go.

The notebook is done this is how you make your Starbucks coffee sleeve notepad we hope you enjoyed this video please remember to like.

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