What’s going on YouTube today I want to talk about some of the items that I use when I’m on the truck so the first item I want to talk about is the GPS I’m using currently the Garmin des 580 it’s an excellent GPS I have no complaints when it comes to the map I always tells me where I’m.

At I don’t get any drops drop signals they always notices where I’m at plus it has the voice command which is very handy that way you’re not messing with your phone.

In China or whatever to call comm whichever it is it’s it’s pretty good you know secondly it also is very durable you know it.

Doesn’t look philmc it looks like it could hand do a couple of drops and you can still keep on going so that’s the reason I purchased this one instead of.

The Rhine McNally because a lot of people complain about the new version of Rand McNally so I said let me go with this one you know.

So pretty good are the only thing the battery life who dies like a button on an hour so you constantly have a clock which is most GPS but I thought would be better quality since this is a GPS for truckers but that’s the only complain about that but besides that it’s very good next item I have I have two.

Excellent excellent headphones I love it.

You know I’ve never been a big fan of having headphones on now always use the ear part but ever since I.

Gave this a shot I can’t see myself going back to a different type of have phone especially for trucking so the quality is amazing the.

Range is pretty decent you know I noticed that once I get to the back of the trailer you start everything start shopping out but that’s.

Nuts that’s good enough for me most of time you step out a trailer you have your phone with you anyway so it’s very good and the battery life is amazing great great battery life I can’t speak very highly about that it did.

Job with the battery life so blue parrot xt blue parrot 450 xt that’s what I’m using and I love that one go won’t use anything else right now.

Next thing that everybody should have no matter what specially for rookies is the motor carrier Road atlas I’m using the 2017 edition but you know anyone would do they’re pretty much always the same.

Couple of changes here in there but you know I try to stay as current as you can but you know if you could find one cheaper you know a couple of years then that’s fine too but everybody should have does no matter what even if you local um local when I still carry this in my truck no matter what because.

You just never know a lot of things can happen where roll get close you know you see time time again a tractor flips over and you know the holding.
Is closed and you know if you know I had a time with your GPS.

And you can kind of rewrite yourself at a difference in all location you know so this is.

The next thing excellent thing to have and that’s about it.


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