Let me teach you this bye ha so this is my canon 700d and this is the camera of multiple thanks month and if you go to the menu part of this camera ready then you will get take control function of flash it is called flash control when you click there then we get to option a flash sync I.

Think external flash function setting go to the setting and here is the main part to do the.

Direction of photography so what is that.

It is the second curtain sync I want second curtain sync instead of first curtain saying this is my first curtain see you can see and this is the second curtain sync I.

Want this setting now if you select this then click on ok now this is the only setting I want in my camera so.

So it is above the camera setting in 7b and the next thing you want to set is my flash this is the flash it is digital 200 DT flash.

Right and we have set the camera to second curtain sync when you pick anything God then this flash will be sick at the second order right so who kept this subtraction you have you requires PocketWizard I do not have focus is it and what I will do to sing this flesh I will put a flash I will put a flash on my camera and using this flash putting.

Slave mode on this flash I will sing this version right okay how that will work.

This is my flash now here you will get the option this is a mode one this is my TTL one second okay this is my manual and this is the.

Slave mode I want okay now my flash is on the slave mode right I want to sing this flash using this flash okay whenever i trigger the splash now this mesh will be automatically see that okay now this is along I am pressing this button and whenever I practice influencing.

And it will also see that these are require setting I want for my camera and the next important thing is I want a long shot I want to launch it I’m using here no second of shutter speed because I want to trip then you have to require another source of light like this this tube light this dupe light bill now this tube light will create.

A motion of any mobile subject with me and this is no flash it will place the.

Ocean so this is the complete set up I have I have shown you my setup for this kind of interaction photography so let’s see how get this type of what kind of result we get and after taking all the images I think effects keep watching transcription camera setup I reckon you.

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