I’m gonna be playing like this the fortnight and there’s this is my first game today because I just got home and I just received this so let’s go through this banner icon is pretty cool that’s pretty cool that’s pretty cool that’s pretty cool that’s pretty cool so I think I might use a llama but thank you for not.

Me them I’m really excited for all the new things so yeah guys so I’m just gonna go ahead and change my.

Banner right now I can’t I’m going to my bedroom hello guys alright guys whatever so I.

Just want to really get into this game my god so much differences I’m not like see there’s fortnight mares foot guys I’m gonna head into a disco domination by actually I don’t know I don’t think any of this stuff will be in it I’m.

Just gonna try quit all day I’ll try get a lot of zombies oh my god so many things there dance go dance what alright guys whatever let’s get into.

Yes yes I guys I don’t really let the friend beat one person watching please type in the chat so.

I know who’s watching and if it’s one of my friends tell me if you’re late on what Oh such Jordan and then played before the hell no it’s not don’t feel ha know Oh Jordan I a letter play boom boom boom can we play doors yes this.

New thing called the fortnight amazed kept man there’s like zombies and that so and save the world you know the thing that you want 50% off so you know how it used to be like $60 I think it’s like 15 is it okay okay yeah.

Right I on yet oh yes sirs set your offline Jordan but it’s cool out your friends yeah I’m just gonna hop into fun quick the worst game while you.

Have been Jordan well any messages no doesn’t update it is probably the weather well no you went to shifty shots and got a win blah blah no you and ash if teachers going what.

Is this the helper my god you don’t move yeah hello hello Oh Oh Jordan hey you ladder are you getting home I think anyone’s come oh yeah say I think it’s a solo coming yeah just saw life yes always so all.

The six feet of the revolver I’m coming in with the pomp crap the guys on me or near me crap he’s on top of me I headshot him shooting where’s my oh hey oh yes yes uh my my body and you hear me oh hi children there’s third-base in my room it’s fucking annoying me yeah make it do it I don’t want that that’s the way I got the basic coming after me I’m just gonna call my name because I hate.

This say this one there and I don’t know where the other one went oh that’s it both of them that just went them set.

Them flying nanny oh crap how does that work I’m live-streaming so what’s up to YouTube so what’s.

Up to YouTube nanny say hi to YouTube where do you want to go Jordan well can you not talk then it is still sucking flying huh building those steps like and don’t like a place but I not a nanny didn’t get that one fuck up boys shave my chest we got to keep from the bus love that crap doesn’t enemy right there I’m holding your so laggy I’ll be able to.
Reply at 7:30 in 7 I’ll be able.

To play in 7th it’s at 7:30 guess what James I can’t play at 7:30 so hey Sean I’m.

Up my none sir yeah yeah because I’m watching stupid TV show I’m gonna try the for the disco domination see if it has a zombies I don’t think acknowledge yeah made up because it doesn’t say the same but I just want to try it I hate the new French thing when you go to invite a friend look so gay yeah what time can like probably not at all but also.

If I just weren’t watching I’m gonna Asif I just I really want that Collider I don’t you Jordan yeah Johnna do the royal tour on the challenge one I think I saw oh I don’t know if I want to do the challenge with you cuz I don’t like the tournament well because.

I don’t need a wagon II anything but I don’t know it’s not at all how’s that baseball just do that let’s do this pump I am gone oh don’t tell me did employed children why do you think laughs yeah there’s so many things definitely owning it.

Well whatever I’ll just play for some shoes well let’s forget what I said sky shield sk├íl let’s go lucky today.

Don’t worry cuz I’m gonna still down my inventory I’m not that film boom bah yeah I catch it blessed you’d skin-deep your jet jet say what’s up to my livestream of the best loot.

The fuckin I tell you my loot for um for bloody disco domination Ohio Lee fucking scar green pumpkin a long shot some shockwave and something some chilled I don’t know I can’t say I had.

What the hell Mike just lag AF and I’m fufu yeah pollinators kills right now bang our team win so fast then you always feel like just stop winning and just get the kills like I don’t care about wins but I.

Also do like if we win but I like it go slow as well cuz I also want to get kills you do my wife’s a rich I try to play I tried to.

Play with fucking children but he’s shit lags yes you know children that if I can oh.

No way I just eliminated a 58 meters with my scar because this guy got him low for me and then I just finished him oh here’s another guy no one knows about him oh fuck he’s grabbing his teammate salute I’ll shoot behind me I’ll get right now all I have to do is build cuz he’s landing on me where is he.

Kirby’s ready you fucking spam off oh my god how did I just kill him 14 HP and I just shook on.

Him and he land on me any spam to me how did I just kill this kid I’m shooting I know that motherfucker my god don’t you just hate how they build on all right.

Where are they landing yeah slow.

As a motherfucker mmm Jordan just loves that cuz he’s on ipad learning on our Jordan’s Jordan’s back he’s jumping yes Jordan probably just can’t talk sorry Jordan but some was landing in you guys just stole this guy’s killed like I feel so bad for him cuz he trapped himself and I just.

Killed him or his cabbage not really for all right oh my god why we’re beating them 24 Neal night.

Yes that’s correct that’s good gonna go miss you and then come around everything now I’ll use it like everyday no that fucking never never I’ve.

Only gotten season five battle pots and I got the Royal bomber from my past fool that’s it no no well I haven’t gotten Nizam B’s yet whenever you try to kill someone someone just interferes like fuck off that’s a deep sheet that salsas no zombies and just got domination j-john are two squads may Wally crashing oh.

My God look at all of these guys headshot 23 on for HP their whole team I shoot amazing Moscow they’re always out there and my team she so didn’t just die by rifle and then pushes guys telescope there’s anybody down here yaa playing with lolly oh my god how.

Can I’m not hit shot fucking down still kills your day for this game eyes actually deep shoot like for noobs just her domination actually just felt like playing it yeah basically not- kills but I just can’t get a nice come on three spoons oh my god don’t spawn kill my oh my god I actually can’t eat a.
Shot you fucking a double-barrel few fucking I’m.

Trash I’m actually trash don’t play with me what game are you playing how many zombies has he killed am I gonna just head shot this kid and I landed on him and he’s probably going rage right now what the fuck where’d he come from Danny Boy I’m coming to whup your ass oh I get what I’m trying to kill someone fucking deep shit kids actually dipshit where are these snipers I want to.
Fucking kill him there’s no way.

They’re on this shoe it’s actually no way oh my god no way that actually on this field how fucking retarded are these I’m actually trashed don’t watch my videos cut the blaze out I’m not a blaze my friends are better than me I’m jerking some blaze people are no tools no all snipers are here enemy snipers are up there rats then of course your teammate comes in fucking tells me dipshit go Jordan your fucking face God handed on not just hit ashore I’m axel slash on the team.

At your beach I just kill me my teammates jump around go ahead yeah right knock.

Was subscribe to me there all day enemy ready fish I’m coming down oh my god why did you said I killed him and he started running to H Pina Beach or no way I just hit him like 30 Oh course you’re fucking spamming that pain Anees yeah no I’ve asked our Jack shut up I don’t know why on on live streaming yeah no way there’s kids.

In this port fortress steam we’re winning but like I know different teams like taking over like that my god disguise lagging a just running and like throwing use pickaxe great way to go yeah oh fucking fuck off I’d you’ll fuck off get wreck get absolutely wrecked I just killed a guy while I was trying.
To kill someone else well this.

Other kid got away well now here’s another kid 158 HP all right.

Okay this actual trash I’m sorry I killed you should have left you in place I’m coming over here to kill all of you son give it oh fuck I’ve just.

Got snot tank cause it’s trash remember to bring nine dollars for indoor tomorrow well that’s actually dog nine dollars every Dame game just gives us a man of money for the whole season and fuck you still there jet I’m gonna leave sorry about Felicia get killed in the air by fucking palm 13 one more kill on its.

My high school no fuck we’re gonna win this one you’re a cute dog shit your actual dog shit Oh fuckin can’t get extra high school fucking games bitch your your bitch oh alright so I’m fighting Jack if he’s on and I don’t know so I’m gonna invite children sorry children should add a s oh yeah cabbage yeah I’m.

Not yeah I think I’ve know that laughing at all real close I haven’t oh it’s cuz I’m what should be able to talk to you really what really what Jack want to.

Playling With Some Blaze Members And Freinds

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