Talking and he wasn’t supposed to be there and I wasn’t supposed to be there and it’s been history ever since I had to teach him how to shoot and he owned.

A gun range love of my life yes yes yes yes he is.

Well that is really cool for those of you don’t know Bucky played for the University of Alabama yes that’s really neat he is I’m so proud of him for that I mean.

I probably I’m proud of him for all this consciousness that’s really cool he he loves doing.

Things like that they featured him in an article last year at the Florida game because of his kick then when he made back its back in the.

70s so a lot of people won’t remember that and then a lot of people are not from Alabama are you gonna go with him to jobs no I’m sorry no yes and you know I didn’t even think about that I probably need to well we’ll be done I’ll go we got.

To leave it snow my little tree that I wanted to use I probably can use stickers here or.

Another piece of chipboard and really good stickers like this and I made this one we were talking this is not going to go.

Anywhere I just put punched a hole tied a ribbon to it and I’m gonna attach it to the Rings and I wanted it attached here because I think that blends really well.

And it won’t be it won’t be a page it’ll just be there and you can put pictures on the back of each one.

Of them here you can do some journaling with pictures and it just kind of hangs loose on the ring it just adds a little interest to it and.

It’s an easy thing to do because you already have all these cute cute things to cut and make I can’t wait I want them to put there if.

They’re if they if they’re making them with us they need to put them so we can see.

On our customers yeah re you can and I need to show you how to look at the customer gallery.

Yeah you go to the customer gallery oh mmmm a Netcom and you can add your photos there and we can see what you’re making as well I trimmed this sticker down and I’ll tell you why I didn’t have to as far as the scene was concerned.

But I want this to be a pocket.

So I couldn’t have that sticker hang out the edge because it would get demolished over time so I’ve got it sticking down to the snow and I think I want to use this other little chipboard piece that is.

It’ll be cute down here and because I put this on dimension I can tuck it between that snow to show off the snow edge and I just want to make sure that it’s on my snow.

Bank because it pretty much has to be and then my treat and my truck can go there I am – now that’s just as cute as it can be loving it now I chip I glue my chipboard pieces down because sometimes this is just not sticky enough no.

I pop mine up I make sure one side is down yep and I’ll stick glue on it if I can pick that back up it needs to be glued back down you know nothing says yes I think it’s lovely all right let me glue three.

Sides down so this page is in place and then we’re gonna walk away hands away from the tools which I like I’m on like I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off mm-hmm on that.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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