Right you want to tell it I mean I wasn’t there you know I’m saying.

I was there but I wasn’t there so so Vince comes in and he is looking for our sales manager and so he obviously has to ask me because I’m there yeah so I am a.

I’m the receptionist so he has to ask me so he asked me about our sales manager could he meet with the sales manager until I go.

Get him whatever well you sat there for a while I guess so Vince remembers us meeting there I don’t remember that is that fair to say I think at that point I was dating somebody else let’s be honest no not at that point.

That was after no cuz I think I got engaged in like April that was you were in there earlier in the year but anyway that’s how we that’s how.

We like the very he remembered meeting me there I didn’t remember meeting him it was a busy day you know how that goes it’s a guy walk didn’t wanted me to see the sales manager I didn’t pay too much attention to that and then my mama said to me so so Vince got the job but not at my dealership he got the job at another dealership.

That’s one of our sister dealerships and which actually was where my mama was working for a little.

While because my dad was the GM there and mom was filling in.

For a lady who was out having a baby and so mom calls me and she’s like oh my gosh you have got to come down here and meet this guy and like what guy mama she’s like he looks like your daddy everybody tells me.

Daddy even here in town a matter of fact most people in town say I saw your daddy the other day talking to you when it’s really my daddy they never know for sure but um yeah so she said you got to come meet this guy he looks like your daddy I said whatever so I go down there.

To eat lunch with mama and she’s like oh here he comes look and I look up and I’m staring him straight in the eyes straight enough I’m like oh great mom we were staring at each other because we.

Were way across the room for each other so that was the first time I officially like saw you saw you is that the first.

Time you ever like noticed me or what do you think you were pointed out at that point but then the official light we spoke to each other time was at church when my mama calls and she’s like um this guy that I showed you though.

Today is gonna be our new music minister and you have got to come and sing in the choir and meet him she was all mama was all.

About me meeting Vince she wouldn’t have nothing when she she was all about I had to meet understand why.

She knew what she was doing yes she did Mama’s know they know and so that was the first night we met and I gotta be honest that was a night I fell in love with you honestly seriously 100% no doubt in my mind at the moment we actually spoke to each other it was like done okay then you gonna help me with this I’m gonna put this um track on here oh maybe I should just make.

A snow bank what do you think I want the truck well I’m gonna do a pocket cuz here I can have a pocket right by and I want to put the truck down here I love that committee I should make this I’m so jealous of that guy that’s what I was dude yeah yeah the snowbank I’m gonna tear paper all right are we getting excited about that.

Y’all and I won’t finish this page because we don’t have it what how much we don’t have ten minutes two minutes I’m gonna do Oh what I call a waterfall but it’s a different kind of waterfall yeah I know I love your waterfalls I’m nosy in Montgomery at my father’s church he’s still place.

That Mama and Daddy still go there Eastern Oats in Montgomery that’s where we met but I’m this is just my first bottom page and I bend it.

Then I glue it right here it’s really really scientific now you know what y’all are gonna freak because I don’t get it exactly straight okay look they’ve never done it I know me by now all right I put the glue I put a pretty good bit of glue because this is gonna get a lot of.

It and I’m gonna bring it almost to the bottom but not quite cuz I got an idea and then I’m bring you back glue.

It down and then there is your flat okay I have to tell y’all so this is Brutus Monroe not your mama’s cardstock I did that on purpose because I was gonna tear this and that means I was gonna weaken it so if I use this.

Really thick cardstock I’m in good shape yes the next thing.

I want to do is I want to make another Bank that really will just be glued straight I actually could make.

It a pocket too I think I will where.

You can put the truck though the trucks gonna go on this Bank.

Okay because look it’s a little too first a little too white Spacey yes and it needs a yeah I will glue this.

Won’t be able to make it a pocket but it needs something else to be glued to so yeah I’m gonna glue this much right now that would.

Think that one pocket is enough on a page anyone yeah all right so I’m gonna glue this down and.

Then cut away what I don’t need all right any more questions I like their question I do too I love the question it gives us something to talk about too while we’re working what’s for lunch yes what’s for lunch I’m getting hungry me too let’s phone me up Scotty listen I can.

Eat at any point in any time we’re going to lunch with Sam and addy today because I get on a fight to go home oh so we’re gonna go see them before they go which is.

Sad and good and sad and good sad unhappy a lot of times on my waterfalls I lose my I use my scraps I think that’s why I’m struggling I think I’m gonna put this aside until I have scrapes cuz I like to.

Use every piece and a lot of times I’ll do a waterfall with my scraps so I may make this another page and just flip that over and do this page different see that’s how it works oh my goodness well I have to start back when I was a kid.

I was a sharpshooter my dad started me shooting a long time ago I was a sharpshooter so God really had a hand in this a friend of mine wanted to buy her husband a gun for Christmas so she said you.

Go with me and help me get Bob a gun I said sure a bit glad to so I had.

To ask my boss at that time I was working.

Chamber of Commerce I said can I take a long lunch hour she said yes so I walk into the gun place it was a shooting range there in Vestavia and there.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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