Of boys yeah here’s they’re all sweethearts Christmas is a good time for a wedding too for a couple reasons number one the church is already decorated yep that’s easy you know are you.

Was slipping it’s okay because I mean we have 15 minutes I could at least pick my paper well I am gonna.

That’s basically what I did I.

Could at least pick my back I.

Did my idea came to my head and if I don’t start it it’ll go away I’m gonna see if I want to feature any of.

This a lot of grief about it but wow that’s.

Awesome that is awesome oh that’s great well I don’t feel so bad I didn’t feel about anyway especially for me ah it was the best thing we ever did we have 20 years into it you know there’s just you just know there’s a time when you know and you just.

Know and you just know and that’s father is gone and we don’t have a problem with that well Bucky and I dated a long time a long time a really long time but we got engaged in August and married in September C but we dated a long time we have a granddaughter we have a granddaughter me or Brenda this is the Santa’s workshop I may do something bring two then hand me the red you’ll remember when she did this and she won’t work for.

Me remember when she layered that chipboard piece.

Over mine didn’t you didn’t quite match up it would.

Still be okay but I don’t like it dad knew it I want it to do what do you need I want that red the solid red this one mm-hmm now red ribbon over sorry that I didn’t splain it very well.

You didn’t spoil yourself woman it’s plain it very well this is hey and also let me tell you all something else it’s beginning to look like Christmas out there.

I know we have not have Thanksgiving but the retail world is a little bit different they are putting up Christmas trees while we’re doing this yes y’all have got to have your Christmas supplies before Christmas so you can get all your Christmas done how much of that do y’all want a CD I want me to just walk her in and just you want.

Me to vlog you do you want it okay and I know I know a lot of my like ogee may mayor’s want to see every single thing we do I get it okay but really seriously do you want me to vlog what we’re doing out front and like do a video to let you see it or what do you want me to do because I want you to get you know I want you to.

You want to see but that’s I don’t know what you want to say here’s the thing I told Vince.

Is funny there’s a family that I watch that has a.

Store and all that kind of stuff and I like to watch them like lick envelopes I don’t care.

I want to see them do everything you know they’re putting postage on a box I want to see you so I don’t know why I’m that way but I feel like I’m not the only YouTube or the only person that.

Consumes YouTube that way are you and I meant officially we met at church is that fair to say I like the.

Unofficial version better unofficially I was working at a car dealership and I was filling in for our receptionist while she was on her lunch break and this guy walks in I don’t remember any of this by the way this guy walks in and he’s looking for a job there is this.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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