Trying to find what I want here but I don’t know how to want I think I want that I think what I want is this oh I’m so predictable somebody probably already knows I’m trying not to be predictable but you know what.

I am what I am I’m gonna go ahead and do the opposite page we’re gonna do the opposite page to this are we just doing one page you can do whatever you want what am I good cuz I’m stalled a little bit here and I find this.

Normally gives me a fresh idea if I do that okay let’s say let’s say let’s say we put that here it gives me how much space I never really realized how much I depend on my ruler until I don’t you so I don’t want to you because you’re not and then I’m like no I need my ruler yep oh oh oh wait a minute something just jogged me here I knew it would I knew it would I knew it would I love all of these little circle they doesn’t move that paper.

And cut it crooked do I want him to.

Stick up you know what it is I want him to stick up I’m gonna be 3d and I don’t.

Want to make exactly on it someone aren’t they delicious good looking is black there absolutely no different than my other ones but they’re delish they are the literal same thing but they’re black I.

And we imagine they’re that’s gonna go they’re yours let’s go there oh they’re probably recognize my brain just went off we’re having a brain day you know what I okay this could be a pocket sure could because it’ll be fun to be.

A pocket like that I don’t think it’d be great because even if it flips up it’s pretty it’ll be pretty.

Snug and that can be a pocket okay okay so then I want to.

Decide if I want to keep this here I think I do ooh somebody’s probably yelling don’t know I know it.

They’re probably going but I like the idea of it so I’m going to only glue down three sides.

That’s what I did on this one to make my top pocket three sides are gonna get adhesive and I know where it’s going to this gonna go right to where this little tag touches the edge of the page let me straighten it up I don’t want it too crooked.

It’s gonna be some pretty cuz I’m a human raised by humans hmm human raised by humans that’s right Vince we got anybody fussing at us yet listen at me they’re not too loud I thought it’s all a question I see a question mark I don’t know what’s in front of it can’t see that good I can’t see you’re that good okay pretty can I get to the stickers all right here we go I.

Love to have extra long taggi thingies I have names for I had one lady in my class of wanted me to start naming things because I always named them strange things and also I figured out I was putting these things in.

Wrong okay if you have not been able to get this paper packs to do these projects along with my May and Brenda these.

Order and they should be back in real soon and we appreciate your patience on that but they’re on order and so they’ll be coming back in.

They are beautiful I have a question to ask you guys because we’re working on our I want to say Black Friday sales but I’m really not all about that we are gonna have we have an incredible idea for Black Friday don’t worry that’s coming but I hear from so many people that you guys don’t like it when it’s a one day sale because if you can’t afford it that one day it’s frustrating.

And I get that but we are gonna have a one day sale for Black Friday but we want to do.

Something also not in place of but also so here’s what we’re what I have an idea about we are thinking about doing goodie bags and I want to hear what you have to say we have some supply we have some things we’re not gonna be carrying anymore we have some things that are discontinued we have some things.

That we just decided we’re not I mean sometimes there’s just product that we don’t carry all the time so we.

It would be they would be literal goody bags like no one would know what’s in them they probably would be boxes I don’t even know because I don’t know.

That bags will work for the kind of stuff we’re talking about but they would and we’d be able to tell you the dollar amount blah blah blah but they’d be mystery because we’re just gonna load them up right so I was kind of I love that kind of stuff because it helps me build my stash what do you guys think if we did those on like three price points and I would say like I.

Was telling Vince this today I would say if you shop from us for a very long time and you kind of have a lot of stuff we carry they might not be for you but if you’re a customer that’s new.

To us we have a lot of new customers that miss out on stuff it might be a great way for you to be able to pick up some new stuff just just start that conversation I just want to see what you guys say I’m trying to tell we’re trying to decide cuz Vince is not sold on it but I think it’s a cool thing but.

He doesn’t understand that stuff because he doesn’t shop like I do does that make sense so I need to let him know what the answer is so I like to come to you guys for that stuff okay listen I’ve made this pocket and I love these stinking tags so much because you can even.

Put pictures on them or you can but journaling on them or you can do all kinds of stuff to it and I’m gonna I’m gonna fill this up with some of these tags I love using them I don’t think they’re at first I kind of had a little problem with them and then after I’ve really got my groove on with them I’m.

Like oh yes these are great Joe Hall said she took vacation this week to watch you too late oh yeah.

I hope we’re doing a good job oh I do too oh my goodness that’s that’s so sweet oh my gosh thank you so much Joe I’m poking holes poking holes you’re poking holes just telling y’all what I’m going home oh I’m interested about the goodie bag because I don’t want.

People would be too okay here’s the deal like once we had them established they would go on sale in November and we would have them until they’re gone like it wouldn’t be a you got this many days and it wouldn’t be.

Going live at midnight it wouldn’t be cuz that’s just hard for folks do you agree on Black Friday that’s hard I can’t sit up to a midnight wait on ahead I can’t either I don’t have to stay.

Away so anyway that’s what we’re talking about I got to get into some ribbons you guys I’m really okay Brenda check this out I’m really excited about this I just realized something else this this layout is opening up for me because I’m gonna have holes because of the way it’s gonna be mounted you.

Know here at the bottom right I can have ribbons hang out every side every side exactly in that cool.

Yeah I’m gonna put ribbons on my tags yes I’m really excited about that silver silver is the one for this album yes so yes that’s a cool thing that’s kind of a happy accident they ain’t even know what’s gonna head I made a mess like in my c4 tune I don’t want.

Gonna be a party you can’t give her a song because now that no one she’ll sing all day exactly it’s better than yesterday.

We were singing Roger Miller oh love that was so fun Oh listen I cannot wait that listen Vince has got it down Vince has got it down yeah Vince can sing every Roger Miller song their ever start to finish what corners do need to be rounded they’re all ready well some.

Of them are that’s another thing I like about these some of these are already done for me okay do y’all see what I’m doing I ran that ribbon through the hole and now I’m taking Baker’s twine and tying a bow at.

The top because I like any excuse to add Baker’s phone I love Baker’s twine oh I always have sex I did I did all right number one I don’t like that I’m going to do it this way now something I do I don’t know if you.

Do this Brenda but I take a dot of glue and put it on the night of my bow because I found that when people pull these in and out oh really.

Do that they can rip it too much but it dries clear and matte and you can’t see it keeps it from coming undone okay.

And I’m even gonna put a little dot on the back and then when people pull these in and out it won’t untie all right just a.

Little tip from me to you all right I need all the tips I can get out of – if you have any of your getting from you already listen I need them from the anybody this whole album good tiny tip I would never have done these albums if it weren’t for you because I always look I come from the school of it has to be bound and it has to be done this way it has to be I know it.

Doesn’t you know you don’t know I’d rather do something than nothing because I have this fear of it you know.

What I’m saying exactly I’m that person I would rather craft and Vince will tell you.

I would rather craft than not craft so even if I’m not good at it I’d rather do it exactly that makes perfect sense to me I don’t it may not well anything and the reason I started doing these were two things well of course I.

Love the papers but I’ve never worked with papers she did these because she came here and exactly and she had paper packs and I’m thinking bang it’d be cool if we could I could do something with those and so I needed a photo album.

And you know how you going by photo albums and I thought I think that’s what I’m gonna do so and I didn’t know how do you I didn’t.

I had nothing I didn’t even have a crop-a-dile which is probably why you did all the paper tearing and stuff yes so that’s one that’s how it started I said give me a pack of that paper let me see what I can do and I did and love it all right take my microphone and read what people are saying we don’t get to read it we like to hear the chat yes we do Lots king of the road oh that way it won’t come undone slip knot a little glue behind it.

That’s what I did there all right let me do this real.

Quick my clothes pin has already come off so what I’m gonna.

Do is I’m gonna put a little glue on the clothespin and the paper and then.

I’m up a little glue on the clothespin hello she said I was like a daddy yes we did sorry okay oh I like the way that shows in the back Monica said Brenda style albums make us start doing without overthinking it’s always paper in the end there’s nothing to be afraid of exactly exactly okay I want this to go through this so Deanna said are you gonna.

Round the corners on the left side where you’ve added the strife no she’s not.

Okay what oh my goodness see that’s why I can’t use tools they fall apart when did that fall out this is why I don’t use tools my blade fell out and I don’t know why did I not have it twisted enough oh wow switchblade I need that I want.

Ribbon on through here and it’s deeper than that may may may may may may it not come.

Yes this is one of us maitika yes well I’m gonna go out there in the room and I’m gonna find me something okay and it’s mine I’m taking it home I want this ribbon I’m putting this ribbon on this tag that goes.

On the inside because I want the.

On my cover does that make any sense if it doesn’t I’ll show you.

What I make me a little slot can y’all see me I’m just making me a little slot see I’m just learning I’m just learning how to stay in the camera so y’all can see so if you can’t see me holler at me and I’ll get in there so here we go my knight probably has a better way to do this that’s a good good way I appreciate that I can run with scissors but.

I can’t use a switchblade speaking of switchblades I have a momma story my mama was a character my mama is a terrorist we were going on a cruise and Mama and Daddy had gone to an auction the night before and all day daddy kept saying Betty it to your purse don’t take any of any value into.

Your purse never would answering never would answer so we get in line this was right after 9/11 we get in line and my mama has to switch blades in her purse they pulled her out strip searched it would be listen god is so good because the young man that was the then you know the home security whatever they call those guys was from Carbon Hill that’s from where we are oh my goodness he said miss Betty miss Betty.

You might have gotten in something I can’t get you out of so a mom and dad had to pay.

A fine oh my goodness oh yes a big fine oh I bet he.

Said I told you so 900 times mmm I don’t know what they said thank good I wasn’t live in there I was not privy to it thank.

Goodness but see how my black and.

White shows on the front side I want it to go in further there we go that’s sound one and I’m gonna put me a little green Oh.

Perfect all right there we go like that okay how you doing over there a bit girl I just made a flip did you okay I just made a flip same.

Thing you perfect so I will show you in a second let you see if you think it’s cute or not thank you for the Switchblade I got a little glue where it didn’t go I understand that okay oh I like it okay so what’s next I need ever page tomorrow yeah I know what’s going here so I’m not gonna.

Put anything there I’m gonna.

Say that you know what’s going right here our Christmas a picture I think this will be cute and I’m gonna fit days till Christmas one and then you over there be our Christmas Eve picture and then I can either journal in.

Photos of the that’ll be cute huh all right and then in minor Brenda’s a pop-up hmm oh when you open it in something pops up that’s a good idea I might do that with a ginger bread house.

Or I might do it out of something yeah that’s a good idea I might do that I think this page is done I mean until I get ready – yes well you know one thing I do I get my pages done and then.

With anything I have leftover that I really love I find somewhere in the album for it yeah does that make sense I go back and and as my grandmother.

Said I’ll lick my calf over yeah I’d go back and I’d take care of any of those little spaces that need something like I’m really not happy right in here but I’m gonna wait because I know something will.

Pop up in a little while I got a repo this whole because I did it backwards or in the wrong spot so now that’s okay though if it’s there I’ll just cover it with something okay like if you can see it’ll be no big deal did I do that right so here’s the front.

Of my cover yes I did thank goodness people were helping me because I I’m the queen of putting paper on backwards and upside down well I always need help I have I have put paper over paper a lot of times because of that okay yes so I’m making everybody nervous see that’ll get covered up with the UM ribbons and stuff I’m not gonna stress about that all right thank you John.

Be knighted about that you know.

What I’m thinking I might should do miss Brenda Wow I think I might shed because I don’t want to mess up again I think I might should go ahead and cut my chipboard and assemble with my ring so I can keep up with what shape you know you’re doing yes because I think if I don’t I’m gonna mess myself up okay all right that.

Sounds like a winner a winner however I already messed myself up is that bad I think I cut that crooked see said the blind man okay I’m gonna.

Do here you see my rhymes mr. Vinh you say my rhyme no stress condom alright I’m gonna do that and I think I’m gonna go with four pieces of chipboard because.

I think I’m gonna do some of your add-ins like you.

Do that aren’t ya I’m gonna suggest you guys do this to you start doing this go ahead and put your holes in.

Wherever your binding is gonna go cuz I’ve already seen where I messed up a little bit so.

Do that do what I say and not what I do right right poking holes there’s a place for us that’s an old one alright I’m gonna quit looking I’ll fix it later alright.

Let me do this let me see let me see let me see let me see holes are on this side Oh got froggy got froggy for an event I don’t know I want to go I’m gonna go on for Sam’s graduation December gosh we have other news too don’t we that we haven’t shared we did.

We shared the engagement Facebook yo Josh got engaged this weekend is that not fun I’m so excited isn’t that all done so sweet you should marry a sweet girl yes she is sweet sweet girl but we got other news yesterday roughly right oh.

No no way to share that news.

I mean more than the engagement we have other news should we I mean it’s gonna happen scared or not they set a date that’s what I was talking about you notice no something out they set a date and this is kind of.

Cool it’s a romantic thing it’s a Josh is extremely sentimental and romantic okay so the date they set are y’all ready for this it’s December 9 we’re not ready it’s December 23rd of this year and the reason for that is because that is my novensys 20th wedding anniversary and Josh wants to get married on our same anniversary is that not the sweetest it is absolutely.

The most sentimental guy and listen we’re.

Okay with it they wouldn’t I’m fine with that yes I don’t have a problem it they love each other we know they’re gonna get married so I think it’s awesome it’s gonna be interesting to see if we can pull off a wedding in two months but you know what we did it with Sam and Jared I.

Mean how long were they they got engaged.

Did we have two months with him I think so they did the same thing that my kids don’t like long engagements but you know Vince and I didn’t do it and see I think we said kind of a precedent because it’s like when you know you know and actually we didn’t have a long engagement Vince and I listen you want to hear the truth we met in June August you want to say it.

Because here’s the line we started dating in August August 24th and we got married on December.

The 23rd is that not so we didn’t waste a whole lot of time.

The reason we got married on December 23rd is because I wanted to be home for Christmas I didn’t want to wait and Josh wants her in the family for Christmas because we do such Christmas traditions it’s just it’s.

Cute it’s awesome and this we’re gonna do so they’re gonna be married.

I think it’s awesome I’m excited I may have to put something there to hold that down I may put a magnet right here on this little thing because of this because when I open it like this it once because I put this flip in there’s my biggest problem so we might go back and put a magnet on that after I.

Put after we finished but this is what I love I’m gonna have ribbons coming off these rings and I’m gonna.

Have ribbons coming out here and I probably will eventually have ribbons coming everywhere by the time I finish you know my second son my oldest son Jared since you’re new the family my oldest son Jared is married and has a child so we have a granddaughter and then my second son Josh asked his girlfriend to marry him this weekend and we have another son named Thomas who’s underneath Josh and we have another son named Joseph who’s underneath Thomas and so yeah we have lots.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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