Thank you I had a panic moment for a second why do I paint it it’s just paper y’all it’s just.

Paste this paper here they are don’t sweat oh this one’s so dude I think I don’t want it yet that one I appreciate.

The warning to keep me from messing things up oh those are always always always.

Good to have and if you this is funny I’ll just say Brenda if you need a scoreboard I have this baby one whatever all right so I need to store this at how big was just paid six and.

A half three and a quarter okay I can’t see for this thing in y’all we’re fixed to make an executive decision I don’t use this so it’s going right into the little cup over there and staying out of my way all right what I’m doing here I’m making what I call a fold out these are all your little cutter parts and I like to leave one strip.

Open so I can either make me one that folds out that way or I can fold it out this way or I can fold it out that way so that’s why I leave a whole strip and I normally leave the smaller ones because they seem to be easier to do and I know y’all are gonna say I need to have one of those scoring things but oh.

Well and also a bond folder so you can crisply here slide.

The bone folder on yours and just watch the difference watch what I’m doing here’s my thingy Ryan.

Kay I’m gonna go to that crease in my crease okay try a tool Brenda oh my goodness I love it her tools yes look at the difference okay hold that up in the camera and look at the difference between the way that one’s.

Crisply done and then this one’s just folded I.

Love my tools but yesterday I’m beginning to love her – oh speaking of.

Tools can you hand me a corner rounder punch right there I also have a corner rounder punch speaking of tools vienna king of tools oh I just love that one dear.

There and I’m betting I think yeah that’s an angle Oh decisions decisions a grounder you got around a thing you don’t know me about that.

So I’m gonna round this I love rounding gonna round this going around with this and this is my favorite thing to do seriously if you have a little booklet that you’re doing if you’ll close it and round it while it’s.

Closed to me this looks like it was made for it because.

Look what it does let me show you so the center looks like that now in that cool no disco just looks like the book was made for where you’re putting it yes but don’t.

Forget to do these edges okay oh and I did something wrong in my measuring but I really liked how it was kind of serendipitous look at this it’s a little hanging over but I like that because I’m gonna put that little tab right there I think it’ll be nice right I need to figure out one more hole so this is gonna go right there and I want to glue this into here as a open me tab not cute oh my gosh.

I love these colors so stinking but I do two.

Colors okay cool that you’re doing a totally different color than me too because it I don’t know but hey we both have red bottoms when did you I didn’t.

Mean that I’m not falling on my bottom today but we do both have red bottoms yeah no I like it because I think it’s cool to watch it happen and boy do we have different styles and yes we do Amy that red and white Baker’s twine up at the very top when you get through boom shanks mm-hmm I love.

Me some Baker’s twine I do to it.

I’m it oh crap look what I did hold on I gotta fix it you can fix it here and here I did exactly what I was telling myself don’t do flip this up really fast before I squish it.

Down in there there we’re fit no issues none at all no issues no tissues get it don’t need no tissue cuz I know is he all right.

Mm-hmm now I want to do something here that is super cute or maybe even underneath the whole thing back to the paper or back to the ephemeral is networking ephemera hold that out look I can make another book out of this one i’ma hold on over there and you’re not saying much today you don’t have much to.

Discuss watching there chatting are they chatting with a talking amongst themselves I’m telling you and and.

I don’t know if I’m hooked or.

Not because I don’t know if I can keep up with it you gotta lose everything over there yes I do I do I do I’m going to they’re saying that my brother made me do it that’s.

What this says that’s funny no but you still tried to blame people used to tell me that all the time it would for me Vince wasn’t only time he would still blame people but it wasn’t me oh I like this bigger one yeah I like this bigger tag oh I can put some mm-hmm I can use some Baker’s twine t that right there and I need to put something under it.

What I want it I think I want to put a strip under here.

Let me go back in the paper for real though for real though hey while we’re just sitting.

Want to remind everybody I said if we got to two hundred thousand YouTube subscribers by the by Christmas I would give away your brother scan and cut DX well I got to tell y’all something y’all have taken me serious because our subscriber numbers are flying.

So what I need you guys to do is to make that happen because nothing would make me happier than to give somebody a skin and cut DX I’m telling you so you’re literally the worst Oh typical typical he’s the money.

Man of course and so um make Vince mad and.

Subscribe just I’ve learned things about you there they don’t like to make you mad no they make Vince happy we’ve literally okay so after the pretzel debacle did you hear about the pretzel debacle no so I did you.

Were gone pretzel things happened and it was really bad and after that we had.

Some precious subscribers come in.

And bring Vince his very own candy and threatening you bye David are you serious.

And the funny thing was they had already been here earlier in the week they were going to Tennessee to a scrapbook convention Oh on the way home they stopped back and they don’t live they don’t live on this route like they could have gone a different way oh how sweet how sweet it was super.

Super nice of them to do that oh I just saw this this is a whole page of tags you can cut every one of these you can you all see that oh my gosh it’s a whole page of tags you.

Could use those on your packages but that not be cool to do a brown package and have a red ribbon and green ribbon and I’m struggling here for a second I’m really.

Photo Album With Maymay And Brenda Part 2

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